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From streaming services and apps to social media and work radio; when it comes to entertainment these days, we are never short of choice!

However, since its invention over 100 years ago, the radio is one media platform that has remained popular amongst its many and varied audiences. From music lovers and sports fans to local communities and religious groups; whatever you are interested in, there is usually a station for it!

Interestingly, advances in technology have only worked in the radio’s favour. With the introduction of the internet, DAB and on-demand services, accessing your favourite station is easier than ever and, consequently, radio is booming.

But is it any wonder?

Think about your morning routine. How often do you switch on the radio as you drive to work or tune into your favourite hits at the gym? You may even switch the radio on before the coffee maker when you arrive at work. For many of us, listening to the radio is much more than just background noise. It is a vital element that helps to get us going, keeps us happy and allows us to stay focused. So of course listening to the radio at work is no exception. In fact, tuning in to the radio in the workplace could boast endless benefits for staff and customers alike.

Radio at work

Enhance the environment

Playing the radio in your workplace may help to set the tone, change the mood and create an atmosphere that people enjoy. Maybe you want your customers to feel at ease as they wait for their appointments or want them to feel uplifted as they browse your shop floor. The radio could be one way to help achieve this.

Introducing the radio to your business could also provide an opportunity for your customers to be more engaged, making the whole experience with your business and brand even more enjoyable. It could give your workplace a modern and up to date feel or help break the silence and encourage conversations between your staff and customers, maybe even boosting your customers’ overall experience with your business.

licence to play the radio

Define your brand

Playing music at work through the radio could give your business an identity. Consequently helping you to stand out from your competitors. Therefore, it can be just as important to your organisation as any other element of your business, such as your company name or your décor.

By learning which tone and style of radio station best suits your business and reflects your brand, you could create a space which is as much known for its great atmosphere as it is for its excellent services and products.

Motivate your staff

It’s not just your customers who may benefit from the radio, but your staff could too. Going back to the 1940s, the BBC introduced ‘Music While you Work’ radio programmes with the aim of increasing productivity and boosting morale amongst workers.

It’s probably no surprise that music may make people feel more motivated. It is believed that music could help to enhance creativity and can help to develop new ideas. Having this added energy in the workplace could help employees to achieve their goals and help to make them feel more upbeat as a result. It also has the potential to help to relax the mind by improving focus and concentration.

Do I need a workplace radio licence?

If you use, perform or play radio music in your business or organisation through radio, TV, or other digital device, you’ll probably need a music licence.

Under The Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform their music in public. If you play radio music in your business or organisation is classed as a public performance whether this is for your customers, your staff or both.

TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS grants you the legal permission to play or perform the vast majority of commercially available music in public, including most radio stations, ranging from grassroots and independent artists through to some of the best-known names in the business.

do I need a licence to play the radio

How do I get a workplace radio licence & how much does it cost?

The cost of TheMusicLicence is based on a number of factors including your type of venue and how you use music in your day-to-day operations.

TheMusicLicence could cost as little as 27p per day*

It could cost you a little as £0.28* per day and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are licensed to play the vast majority of commercially available music.

If you are interested in playing music in your business or organisation, or if you are unsure about whether you need a licence, please. Cost example based on music played from the radio or other devices in a small workplace with four employees or less that is not audible to customers or visitors. Annual licence £104.82 (excluding VAT).


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