How to make the cut this World Barber Day

Trims that win

Late summer is one of the best times to rest and recharge, but it is one of the best times for a pamper and a long overdue relaxation too. 

Perhaps that could be why attention often turns to health and wellbeing at this time of year – including World Barber Day which takes place on the 16th September.

As a day to encourage men to spend some time out to unwind and more importantly – take care of themselves – now may be the perfect time to think about the importance of wellness and how the experience in the salon is often about more than just a service.

‘Best Male Grooming Salon 2019’ at the British Hairdressing Business Awards, owner Chris O’Sullivan from Grizzly’s Barber Shop, has teamed up with PPL PRS, the organisation responsible for issuing TheMusicLicence for businesses who use music, to share tips on how to create a welcome environment in salons and barbershops and how the right atmosphere can give a business a fresh and comfortable feel.

Get the best of both worlds

Creating a relaxed environment does not necessarily mean compromising on luxury and vice versa. Certainly, for Grizzly’s, the aim was to create somewhere that was relaxed yet a little bit more luxury than a standard barbershop.

Well-designed décor can help to create a fresh and uplifting environment, whilst a well thought out layout can also help to create an open and appealing space. This could be anything from taking influence from Canada and the Rocky’s like Grizzly’s did, to using bold designs to create a colourful and modern feel.

Think first

Attending a haircut or grooming appointment can sometimes been a daunting experience, especially for new clients, which means first impressions are often key. Whether this is setting aside a separate waiting area so that customers feel more comfortable as they arrive or playing music to create a calming environment from the moment customers step through the doors.

As Chris explains, “music is one of those languages that can travel throughout the world and can help boost peoples morale and it can really help to start conversations. It can help with people’s mental health and for us working in here, it can help us tick on a day-to-day basis. I just think that music is such a positive thing and can really help to change people for the better. ­

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Be a dream team

As the saying goes, a business is only as good as its workforce, so paying attention to staff is just as important as customers.

Engaged employees who work in a vibrant and close-knit team could help to create a more upbeat environment, build rapport with clients and could lead to a better customer experience overall.



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