15 ways to use live entertainment to make your venue a summer hotspot

Utilising music and live entertainment can transform your venue into the ultimate summer hotspot, drawing in crowds who are eager for memorable experiences. By offering a variety of events, they’ll always be something new and exciting happening at your venue which can encourage people to return, building a loyal customer base.

Thousands of people flock to the seaside towns each year for a sunny get away with the intention to relax and make memories with family and friends. As a coastal venue, live entertainment can provide a sense of community and bring people together from all corners of the UK, and by having a communal aspect, it could elevate your venues reputation as a fun, dynamic and vibrant place to visit!

When marketing your events, think about how you want to promote them. You can use social media platforms, newsletters, and local advertising to spread the word of your up-coming shows and performances, creating a buzz around the beach! By combining good, quality entertainment along with effective promotion, your venue could become the summer hotspot.

By giving some of the event suggestions below a go, you can see how your customers react to these events and get some reviews which will help the future of your venue and live entertainment line-up: 

  1. Summer Starter Party: Host a seaside season themed party, featuring tropical decorations, cocktails, and a beachy playlist to really kick off the summer.
  2. Open Mic Nights: Give locals and tourists alike the opportunity to showcase their talent with an open-mic night which can create a welcoming and fun atmosphere.
  3. Outdoor Movie Nights: Set up a projector and screen in your outdoor space to show classic summer movies.
  4. Music Quiz: Test your customers music knowledge with a quiz and present a prize to the winning team! You could even theme your quiz around your location, for example; who is the most famous band from this seaside town?
  5. Live Music Weekends: Bring in local bands and artists to perform live in the garden or stage area. This also gives those artists the opportunity to showcase their talents.
  6. Dance classes: You could host dance classes with a trained teacher. For example, offer some salsa dancing lessons, followed by an evening of dancing to Latin music.
  7. Footy Parties: Host viewing parties for match days, with specials on international food and drinks.
  8. Karaoke Nights: Whether they can or can’t sing, it’s just a bit of fun! Why not set up a karaoke night and encourage patrons to sing their favourite summer tunes.
  9. Pride Party: The LGBTQIA+ community and its allies come together every June for Pride Month. You could use this month (or celebrate any time of year) as an opportunity to show your support and host live music events or even a drag night!
  10. Summer Solstice Party: Mark the longest day of the year with an all-day celebration. As the sun goes down, your customers may want to stay longer, so why not turn up the tunes and make the most of the sunshine!
  11. Sports Viewing Parties: You can set up large screens in your venue or outside in the outdoor area. For example, why not become the hot spot for viewing the Olympics or Wimbledon this year.
  12. Beach Parties: Organise a costume party by encouraging your customers and employees to throw on their loudest Hawaiian shirt and a lei for a themed summer party.
  13. Comedy Shows: Get your customers giggling by inviting local comedians to perform stand-up routines.
  14. Music competitions: Be the venue to host band battles and get your local bands to go head-to-head in the ultimate show down – who is the best band on these shores? And even better, get you customers involved by voting for their favourites! This way, it may have customers returning throughout the weekend to keep up with the competition.
  15. Cabaret Shows: A fun filled cabaret show for all of the family includes theatre, songs, dancing and drama. Your customers can sit and enjoy the show or even get up to join in for the cancan!

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