Accounts, invoices and payments

I have paid for my licence, what happens next?

  • Once you have paid for your licence or arranged a direct debit, you will be legally permitted to play or perform within your business the vast majority of commercially released music from around the word, in accordance with TheMusicLicence Terms and Conditions.
  • Your licence confirmation will be sent to you either via email or post (depending on your chosen communication method).
  • If you have requested to receive your communication via post, then you will receive a window sticker to show you have TheMusicLicence for your premises, which we hope you will proudly display this in your business. If you would like to request a sticker for your premises, please complete TheMusicLicence Sticker Request Form.
  • For most customers (unless for example it is for a one-off event), TheMusicLicence renews automatically. We will let you know in advance what royalties are due for the next licence period. It is important that you let us know about any changes in your music usage, as this may affect how much you need to pay. Please refer to TheMusicLicence terms and conditions for more information.