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When will existing PPL/PRS for Music customers move to TheMusicLicence?

  • We will be moving existing customers over to TheMusicLicence in the twelve months following the launch of TheMusicLicence (the transitional year). We’re working hard to make sure the process is as seamless and easy as possible.
  • We will move existing customers over to TheMusicLicence when they reach their PRS for Music licence review date (or, if they are an existing PPL customer only, their PPL licence expiry date) during the transitional year.
  • We will be in touch with existing customers, in advance of their transition date, to explain in more detail how the transition process will work for them. If you currently pay for an existing PPL or PRS for Music licence by Direct Debit (DD), you do not have to do anything, your Direct Debit will be transferred over to PPL PRS Ltd for you.