A flow to fall for

Love is in the air

Love may be in the air over the coming weeks, but so too is the start of a brand-new month and with it brings the all-too-familiar glimmer of spring and all its glory just over the horizon.

By now, many of us are probably already starting to notice the days getting that little bit longer or a touch of warmth in the air.

Many of us have probably also started to notice their calendars beginning to resemble something from their childhood art class, as pen squiggles in various colours and sizes dominate the already oozing pages.

It might have only been a couple of weeks, but for many of us, it probably feels like it is already looking like a busy year ahead.

From major sporting tournaments to festivals, big and small, national holidays and other commemorative events. 

Lots to love

Even the coming weeks are bursting with various celebratory occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and National Drink Wine Day on the February 18th. 

Such occasions are all perfect for those among us who enjoy an excuse to get out and spend time with family and loved ones – not to mention enjoy a little luxury and self-indulgence.

For some this may be all about savouring the unusual delicacies and other delights that the menu has to offer. For others, it may just be about finding any excuse to don that new outfit and get all dressed up, especially after weeks of trudging through dry January or forcing themselves to stay at home in a bid to save money.

Whatever it may be, enjoying something special from time to time or an extra treat, can often be as much about the experience, as it is the menu and services provided, especially when it leads to creating the right mood and an atmosphere that people enjoy.

Perhaps that could be why 40% of adults that we surveyed say that they are more likely to indulge in an extra treat in a pub or café if pop music is played.1

Music can help to set the tone, lift the mood and create an ambient and relatable space. It could provide a sense of familiarity, create a positive atmosphere and help to give businesses a welcoming and inviting feel.

Heart and soul

Think about how you may want to create a lively and upbeat environment during the evenings as opposed to perhaps a more relaxed and calming space during the day, or how you might want to reflect a certain theme at events or other occasions.  Whatever the situation, the right music can help to create a unique and appealing space and can even influence consumer behaviour.

According to research published by Hello Fresh2, there is a mirroring effect between music and what we drink, particularly when it comes to wine. If consumers perceive the music as being powerful and bold, they will describe the wine in the same way. Similarly, wine may be described as mellow and soft when listening to music of this style  – making music the ideal accompaniment within the hospitality sector, particularly when considering events over the coming weeks ahead.

Playing music that suits the style or a certain occasion could help to create the right feel, whilst distinguishing a brand and helping to make it stand out. It could also help to promote customer loyalty and ensure the experience is both unique and memorable for customers.

When it comes to your staff, playing music, particularly upbeat songs and other well-known tracks could help to create a happy environment and relieve stress. It could help to provide an added burst of energy throughout the day and improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks. 

So, as you continue to mark off those calendar pages or dig out that diary as you make plans for the upcoming months once more, make the most out of every week and use music to help you find your flow.


  1. Research performed by Perspectus Global, based on figures from 2,101 UK respondents, September 2021

  2. https://blog.hellofresh.com/music-and-wine/



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