December 2017

Digital agency – Zone, use music to help with employee engagement

Case study for TheMusicLicence from Zone, digital agency.

Zone is an award winning, digital agency specialising in building successful, strategic digital campaigns for a range of clients. This includes corporate names such as BT, Tesco, Coca-Cola and BUPA, alongside charitable causes such as The National Trust and RSPB.

Zone Case Study
With offices based in London, Bristol and Cologne, Zone have been named as one of the 1000 companies to inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange in 2017. altogether, they employ around 260 people in both the creative facility and customer service based roles, across their 3 offices.

I’d encourage people when appropriate to listen to music, I think it’s a really great way to get people working collaborative together.

Karen Byrne, Chief Operating Officer, Zone


We spoke to Karen Byrne, Chief Operating Officer at Zone about how they use music in their business.

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How do Zone use music in their offices?

“Playing music in the office definitely changes the atmosphere”

“On the whole we are working in a really creative environment and there’s lots of creative people here. Consequently, having music which reflects the nature, where they are in a project, often helps. However, sometimes something more calming is needed, therefore the playlist around that is often far calmer.”

“Equally, there are times when there is the need to re-inject and we can put something a little more fast tempo on and get that reignited back into the team when things are lacking.”


How does music impact the employees at Zone?

“I think there are many people in the business that music really is part and parcel of having in their life. They feel that it is really important that they can have the opportunity to listen to music at work. That said there are times when it’s important that we provide quieter space and a time when music isn’t appropriate and we feel it is really important to support that too.”


How do Zone choose the music that they play?
“Quite often music tends to get played louder and more often. I guess towards the end of the week, often during key festival times, particularly around Christmas and people’s birthdays, music gets played significantly more… We don’t use radio but we do use playlists and often there is a new playlist for a Friday; payday Friday has its own playlist…”

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Zone - Digital Agency case study

Zone discuss how music is used to motivate people in their creative London office

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