December 2017 Simon Webster Hair Salon use music to engage with the local community Case study for TheMusicLicence from Simon Webster Hair Formed in 2012, by husband and wife Simon and Sophie Webster, Simon Webster is a leading independent hair salon in Brighton’s bohemian region of Gardner Street. Simon Webster Case Study With a team of 22, Simon Webster hair pride themselves on being more than just a salon. Hosting live music performances, art exhibitions and similar events with engage with the local community and promote regional talent.
Our salon tag line is style, music, fashion…it’s as much about the music that’s played.
Sophie Webster – Simon Webster Hair  
We spoke to owners of the salon, Sophie and Simon about how they use music in their business. Hair Salon Music Licence How do Simon Webster use music in their business? “We have a hugely diverse and eclectic clientele. Which partly comes from the diversity and eclecticism from the music that we play” “It’s a street that is a really creative street in a really creative town so we wanted to build a salon environment where we felt those people would feel comfortable. It has that kind of feel to it that it’s not just about hair, it’s about coming in, having an experience with like minded people” Simon Webster Case Study How do Simon Webster use music in other ways? “When we started, we wanted to create more of an experience than just having your hair cut. So we held music events here and we’ve held artistic events here, we try to involve ourselves locally with the music industry”   How do Simon Webster choose the music that they play? “All of our stylist give their input. We have our brand I guess that we want to kind of promote, so in the way that we have an eclecticism of clients, we have a diversity of music”
Live music events in a shop
Simon Webster case study

Simon Webster Hair tell us how they use music to engage with customers and their local community.

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