Turn an office into an auditorium
Why music in the workplace is all the rave

Music amplifies everything it touches!
Introducing music in the workplace could be highly beneficial to your business and could help your organisation fulfil its potential… turn an office into an auditorium, a handshake into a harmony, or a meeting into a moment.

Music at work
Music is essential energy, it’s commercial oxygen!
From boosting staff morale, to improving employee concentration and productivity. Music in the workplace has the potential to create a more upbeat, energetic and positive environment. Consequently helping to make employees feel more engaged, driving collaboration with colleagues and their interaction with customers or clients. Music has the potential to make the workplace more enjoyable. Increasing retention and helping to improve the experience for new employees. Additionally it could also help to define your brand and make your company recognisable, distinguishing you from your competition.

So why not introduce music into your workplace?

TheMusicLicence allows you to legally play millions of songs ranging from grassroots, independent artists and composers through to the some of the best-known artists from around the world. This means you can make a playlist that is as unique as your business and workforce.

Are you already playing music in your business?

It’s great your business is already enjoying music. However it is important to ensure you are licensed correctly. It’s really easy to make sure you have the correct licence for your business so contact us to speak about your music usage.

February 2019

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