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PPL and PRS for Music will continue to license their broadcast, online and recorded media customers independently. Please contact PPL or PRS for Music for more information.

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Our FAQs section has the answers to many of our frequently asked questions, including tariff details, invoice and account queries and more information about TheMusicLicence.

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PPL and PRS for Music will continue to represent their members and take enquiries relating to membership and royalties.

Working for PPL PRS

If you’re a hard-working team player who likes working in a collaborative environment, we want to hear from you. If you’re passionate about music and value the talented individuals who create it, even better.

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Playing or performing music without the appropriate licence could amount to copyright infringement, if you cancel your licence you might not be legally covered to play or perform music in your business or organisation.

If you are contacting us to cancel your music licence, please call us on 0800 0720 808.

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Do you think there might be a premises playing music without a licence? We believe music is priceless and we don’t want the people who create it to be short-changed. You can let us know in confidence by completing this form.

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