Tariff Consultations

July 2022

Fireworks Displays & Outdoor Light Shows (F&L) Tariff

Notice to customers regarding the implementation of the new public performance tariff to licence music use within fireworks displays and outdoor light shows (F&L).

In April 2022 PRS for Music launched a public consultation with the sector on the introduction of a dedicated tariff covering the use of PRS for Music repertoire in Firework displays and outdoor light shows.    

The response summary from the consultation can be viewed via the link below:

Summary of consultation responses

We will be launching the new PRS for Music tariff to customers on 22nd August. The tariff has been devised with a view to simplifying the administration of TheMusicLicence for customers  

If you are unsure if and how your Royalty charge will be affected by the application of the new tariff, please contact us and we will provide you with a before and after quote.

July 2022

Specially Featured Entertainment (SFE) Tariff

PPL today announces that it will apply a new Specially Featured Entertainment (“SFE”) tariff from 1 January 2023. 

PPL agreed this new SFE tariff with the British Beer and Pub Association and UK Hospitality (these two associations representing many of PPL’s SFE licensees) in settlement of the Copyright Tribunal proceedings between the parties.

This new SFE tariff, Specially Featured Entertainment PPLPP299, will cover the playing of recorded music at events such as discos and DJ sets/presentations at Nightclubs, Pubs / Bars, Restaurants / Cafes and Hotels.

The Specially Featured Entertainment PPLPP299 tariff will apply to customers from their first Licence Year (whether it is a new or renewed licence) that starts on or after 1 January 2023.  Some of the changes in the new tariff will be implemented over a number of years and the tariff will not be fully phased in until 2030.  

Full details of the first year of the new SFE tariff can be found here. For future years the information can be found here.

We also have guidance notes on how the tariff will be applied here and more detailed FAQs here.

PPL PRS Ltd will start contacting customers later this year about how the new SFE tariff will affect them. In the meantime, for any queries about the new SFE Tariff, please contact PPL at SFEtariff@ppluk.com.

Press enquiries should be directed to public.relations@ppluk.com.