Tariff Consultations

February 2024

Sports Events (SE) Tariff Consultation

Extended until 15th April 2024

PRS for Music are reaching out to get your feedback on their proposal to amend Tariff SE, designed specifically for sports events which use music at their sports grounds (such as football, rugby, and cricket) and racetracks and stadiums (such as motor racing and athletics).

Tariff SE was last amended in 2007 and since this time, music used at sports events has become more varied for example, emerging sports such as E-Sports use music for far longer than traditional sports, such as football and rugby. The proposed tariff is designed with simplicity in mind, streamlining the licensing purchasing process by including all sports under one tariff.

The consultation period will run for 6 weeks from 14 February 2024 until 27 March 2024.

More information on the consultation, as well as a link to the response form, can be found on the PRS for Music website here www.prsformusic.com/sportsevents

If you have any queries regarding the consultation, please contact sportsevents.consultation@prsformusic.com

January 2024

Exhibitions (EX) Tariff

Notice to customers regarding the consultation of a proposed new tariff to license music use within exhibitions, industry trade shows, consumer fairs, fashion shows, music themed cultural exhibitions and fan conventions (EX).

In December 2022 PRS for Music launched a public consultation with the sector on the introduction of a dedicated tariff covering the use of PRS for Music and MCPS repertoire in exhibitions industry trade shows, consumer fairs, fashion shows, music themed cultural exhibitions and fan conventions.

We will be launching the new PRS for Music tariff to customers later in 2024. PRS for Music will notify Customers of the start date in due course. Until that date, the existing PRS for Music tariffs will continue to be applied to Exhibitions starting on or before the new start date. The tariff has been devised with a view to facilitate a simpler method for individual exhibitors and exhibition organisers to meet their collective music licence obligations.

The response summary and more information from the consultation can be viewed via the link below: https://www.prsformusic.com/c/exhibitions-consultation

September 2023

PRS for Music are consulting the religious sector on two new licences, the “Places of Worship Licence” & a “Digital Worship Licence”.

The “Places of Worship Licence” will replace the PRS Church Licence, which is sold via Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) as an agent on behalf of PRS for Music. This covers the use of music in church buildings (public performance). The new “Places of Worship Licence” has been designed to be inclusive of all faiths and better reflect the use of religious buildings as community hubs that host a wide range of activities.

The new “Digital Worship Licence” will replace the Limited Online Music Licence (LOML), which is being decommissioned and replaced with more specific digital music licences designed to benefit customers’ licensing needs.

You may receive email notification from PRS and/or CCLI, inviting you to participate in the consultation.

The consultation period will run for 4 weeks from 13th September 2023 until 11th October.

More information on the consultation, as well as a link to the response form, can be found on the PRS for Music website here.

If you have any queries regarding our consultation, please contact us on worship.consultation@prsformusic.com

December 2023

Cinema (C) Tariff

In July 2023, PRS for Music held a consultation with customers, members, and all interested parties, to gather feedback on a proposal to introduce the new revised ‘Tariff C’. A response summary of the consultation is now available for you to review on the PRS for Music website.

Following the feedback from this consultation, PRS for Music will continue to discuss with the sector. To allow time for these discussions the terms of the existing Tariff C will be rolled over for an additional six months commencing 1 January 2024.

PRS for Music are now in discussion with UKCA to explore whether the proposed tariff should be amended to address the consultation responses. If you are not represented by UKCA and wish to give further feedback on the consultation or need further support, please contact PRS for Music directly at cinemaconsultation@prsformusic.com. Please ensure you make any additional comments before 22nd February 2024.