No matter what the venue type, music can be used to help enhance the overall atmosphere.

There are a range of tariffs to cover the different uses of music across various venue types. However, the cost of TheMusicLicence will vary according to your music use so you’ll need to contact us directly to arrange a quote.

To help you understand how much TheMusicLicence could cost, you can view the individual PPL and PRS for Music tariffs that may be applicable to you.

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PPL Tariffs
  • Background Music Tariff - Aircraft, PPLPP044
  • Background Music Tariff - Aircraft, PPLPP044 (Future)
  • Background Music Tariff - Amusement & Pleasure Parks, PPLPP071
  • Background Music Tariff – Amusement Arcades PPLPP073
  • Background Music Tariff - Bingo Sessions, PPLPP070
  • Background Music Tariff - Buses & Coaches, PPLPP041
  • Background Music Tariff - Caravan Parks, PPLPP090
  • Background Music Tariff - Casinos, PPLPP074
  • Background Music Tariff - Cinemas, PPLPP036
  • Background Music Tariff - Concert Venues, PPLPP057
  • Background Music Tariff - Factories & Offices, PPLPP212
  • Background Music Tariff - Gymnasium Workout, PPLPP049
  • Background Music Tariff - Gymnastics Clubs, PPLPP059
  • Background Music Tariff - Hairdressing & Beauty Salons, PPLPP113
  • Background Music Tariff - Holiday Centres, PPLPP088
  • Background Music Tariff - Inland & Coastal Vessels, PPLPP042
  • Background Music Tariff - Laser Space Games, PPLPP056
  • Background Music Tariff - Leisure Centres & Health Clubs, PPLPP054
  • Background Music Tariff - Miscellaneous, PPLPP018
  • Background Music Tariff - Museums & Art Galleries, PPLPP040
  • Background Music Tariff - NAAFI & Armed Services Bases, PPLPP087
  • Background Music Tariff - Nightclubs, Discotheques & Dance Halls, PPLPP017
  • Background Music Tariff - Public Houses/Bars/Restaurants & Cafes/Hotels, PPLPP210
  • Background Music Tariff - Railway, Underground & Bus/Coach Stations, PPLPP043
  • Background Music Tariff - Registered Members Clubs, PPLPP016
  • Background Music Tariff - Shops & Stores, PPLPP211
  • Background Music Tariff - Skating Rinks, PPLPP052
  • Background Music Tariff - Small Residential Hotels & Guest Houses, PPLPP289
  • Background Music Tariff - Small Workplaces, PPLPP225
  • Background Music Tariff - Spectator Sports, PPLPP051
  • Background Music Tariff - Swimming Pools, PPLPP050
  • Background Music Tariff - Synchronised Swimming, PPLPP053
  • Background Music Tariff - Telephone Music On Hold, PPLPP084
  • Background Music Tariff - Ten Pin Bowling Centres, PPLPP055
  • Background Music Tariff - Theatres, PPLPP031
  • Background Music Tariff - Waiting Rooms & Receptions, PPLPP085
  • Amateur Sports Clubs Tariff (not for profit), PPLPP223
  • Amateur Theatrical Performances Tariff, PPLPP030
  • CEFM - Schools Tariff, PPLPP114
  • Churches Tariff, PPLPP115
  • Community Buildings Tariff, PPLPP116
  • Country & Western Dances Tariff, PPLPP027
  • Dance Centre & Studio Tariff, PPLPP021
  • Dance Supplement - Holiday Centres Tariff, PPLPP024
  • Dance Teachers Tariff, PPLPP020
  • Dressage Tariff, PPLPP058
  • Election Campaigns Tariff, PPLPP083
  • Exercise to Music Tariff, PPLPP222
  • Exhibitions Tariff, PPLPP080
  • Fashion Shows Tariff, PPLPP062
  • Folk Club Dances Tariff, PPLPP026
  • Jukeboxes with Background Music Facility Tariff, PPLPP010
  • Jukeboxes with Background Music Facility Tariff, PPLPP010 (Future)
  • Jukeboxes without Background Music Facility Tariff, PPLPP011
  • Jukeboxes without Background Music Facility Tariff, PPLPP011 (Future)
  • Listening Posts & Touch screens Kiosks Tariff, PPLPP037
  • Mobile DJ Tariff, PPLPP004
  • Nurseries Tariff, PPLPP226
  • Pop/Music Quizzes Tariff, PPLPP003
  • Practice & Social Dances Tariff, PPLPP023
  • Public Address Engineers Tariff, PPLPP082
  • Puppet/Marionette/Magic Shows Tariff, PPLPP034
  • Scottish & Highland Country Dancing Tariff, PPLPP025
  • Single & Casual Events Tariff, PPLPP002
  • Specially Featured Entertainment, PPLPP001
  • Specially Featured Entertainment Nightclubs, Pubs / Bars, Restaurants / Cafés, and Hotels (Jan 2024)
  • Supply of Recorded Music to Hotel Bedrooms, PPLPP213
  • Theatrical Productions Tariff, PPLPP032
PRS for Music Tariffs
  • AC Aircraft
  • AMS Not-for-profit amateur sports clubs
  • APS Amusement parks, saloons, arcades, travelling showmen, funfairs
  • AS County, agricultural, horse shows, regattas & open-air events
  • B Service & other bands
  • BC Bowling concourses
  • BO Bingo (commercial)
  • C Cinemas
  • CB Community buildings
  • D Commercial discotheques and commercial dance halls
  • DP Dance parties & similar events
  • DP Dance parties & similar events (Future)
  • EE Educational establishments (government-funded & independent schools)
  • F&D Fitness & dance
  • FE Further education colleges
  • F&L Firework Displays + Outdoor Light Shows
  • GP General purposes
  • HC Holiday Centres
  • HCP Holiday caravan parks
  • H&B Hairdressers & Beauty Salons
  • HR Hotels, restaurants & cafés
  • I Music in the workplace (industrial premises, offices, canteens, rest rooms)
  • J Clubs (proprietary)
  • JMC Members’ Clubs
  • K Circuses
  • LA Local Authorities
  • LC Classical music concerts & recitals
  • LP Popular music concerts
  • MH Telephone music on hold
  • ML Mobile businesses and limited uses
  • MV Motor Vehicles
  • MV Motor Vehicles (Future)
  • N Nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups, crèches
  • O Parks, open-air places, pools
  • P Public houses
  • PSB Passenger Ships & Boats
  • RS Shops & stores, showrooms, warehouses
  • SE Sports events at sports grounds, race tracks and stadiums
  • SP Small premises
  • SR Skating rinks (ice or roller)
  • T Theatrical presentations
  • TR Trains
  • UCH University colleges, other institutions of higher education (Previously UC)
  • V Variety shows
  • X Exhibitions & similar functions, trade fairs
  • YCH Youth Clubs, Centres & Hostels
VPL Tariffs
Specially Featured Entertainment - Record-Keeping template
  • Specially Featured Entertainment - Record-Keeping template
  • i. Future Years Tariff Information
  • ii. Guidance Notes
  • iii. SFE PPLPP299 FAQs
Charity & Community Discount

Charity & community organisations may apply for a discount against the standard royalty made for events or featured music sessions, in return for advertising of PPL PRS Ltd support at the event. The level of discount applied to your event will be determined by PPL PRS Ltd. For further details you can find our Charity and Community Events Discount Policy HERE.

If you would like to apply for the discount please complete our Charity & Community discount form and we will be in touch. Please CLICK HERE to access the form.

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