Updated COVID-19 Support for Customers


As stated previously, due to the pressure affecting many businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, PPL PRS will not charge customers of TheMusicLicence for the period they have been closed due to the enforced COVID-19 government closure guidelines.

As part of customer’s annual reviews we will be applying a pro rata credit for the period of closure. These credits will be based on the government guidelines on business closures according to the business sector the customer is in.

More details on this are set out in the FAQs below.


  • My business had to close and open a number of times due to the changes in government guidelines, will I be credited for all the times that we were closed?

    Yes. If your business has been unable to open, or play music, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will apply a credit to your account for any time you have not used music within your business based on government guidelines for your sector.

  • I have received my Review for TheMusicLicence, but my business is now closing permanently, what do I do?

    We are sorry to hear that your business has closed.

    You can read our cancellation policy in TheMusicLicence Terms & Conditions here.

  • What happens if my music usage has changed as a result of COVID-19?

    We appreciate that the way businesses use music may have changed as a result of COVID-19. If there are any changes to your music usage, we will be able to address this at your Review and ensure that your invoice reflect how you are planning on playing music.

  • Can you tell me how much credit I will receive?

    The pro-rata credit will be calculated based on government closure guidelines for your sector and your region. The actual value depends on the tariff [s] on your account. Full details of the amount can be found in your Music Usage Summary that you will receive as part of your Review.

  • I have an outstanding balance on this year’s invoice, what do I do?

    We may still be able to apply the pro-rata credit using the government guidelines for your sector. Once this has happened, we have a range of options available for our customers based on your circumstances, including payment plans via Direct Debit suited to your needs.

  • My business closure dates are different to the government guidelines?

    We understand that for some businesses, the government guidance does not accurately reflect when you have been closed and have been able to be open.

    Therefore, when you receive your Review documentation, if the dates used do not reflect your business’ closure dates, please contact us on 0800 0720 808 and we will be able to adjust your credit accordingly to ensure that you are only charged for when you are playing music.

We would also like to thank all those customers who are continuing to take out and pay for TheMusicLicence for their businesses. 

The royalties you pay are a vital source of income for performers, songwriters and other music creators. Many of them are self-employed, sole traders or small businesses who – through the cancellation of live events, closure of music retailers and disruption to recording activities – are also being adversely impacted in these difficult times.