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PPL PRS on the main stage with mental health


PPL PRS on the main stage with mental health.


World Mental Health Day is on Sunday 10th Octoberand here at PPL PRS we take the wellbeing of our employees very seriously. Our employee benefits package is extensive, and constantly being reviewed to ensure the added extras we are offering are useful and in line with our business values: 

  • Straightforward 
  • Collaborative 
  • Value Music 
  • Play Fair 
  • Passionate 

As part of this benefits package, we offer employees access to our Mental Health First Aiders. We have a total of 14 First Aiders, all trained and with their own specialist field. The mental health of our teams has never been more important than during the last few months, as we quickly transitioned everyone to home working. 

Home working may or may not suit you, some people adapt quickly to the new environment and routine. Others may not have had provision to work from home so easily. Perhaps they had to work from their bedroom, or children being off school made it hard to concentrate and focus on tasks. As lockdown progressed throughout the summer, many people started to feel isolated, and lonely. Research has shown that many people who feel lonely use the radio to combat those feelings. The familiar voice of the presenters, the music, and the daily routine can help to fill the day when feeling isolated while working at home. 



Our Employee Engagement Team worked hard throughout this time to ensure everyone remained connected. A multitude of virtual events and initiatives were held, including:

  • Weekly quiz nights 
  • Book club 
  • Exercise classes 
  • Care packages 
  • Check-ins 
  • Comedy nights 
  • Open mic nights 


Andrea Gray, Managing Director of PPL PRS commented on the support provided: “We have a fantastic network of Mental Health First Aiders here at PPL PRS, who are all trained to support and listen to our employees in times of need. Our employee wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, and mental health is a subject we want to tackle head on and ensure all our staff feel comfortable with talking openly with a trusted First Aider about issues they may be facing. We are pleased to be able to support World Mental Health Day, and our Mental Health First Aiders. 


PPL PRS Managing Director


Ask Twice 

Mental health can be a difficult conversation to have with a colleague. Perhaps you have noticed a slight change in their behaviour, they are becoming less engaged, or avoiding social contact.  It is very easy to ask someone: 

Are you ok?  

Then accept their first answer of: 

Yes, I’m fine 

Ask again 

That second time might just be the nudge someone needs to open up about how they are feeling. 

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to cope with their mental health, here are some suggestions that could perhaps help: 

Talk to a trusted friend/relative, or a mental health first aider. 

Take a break – doesn’t have to be a holiday, it could just be an hour where you walk away from the problem. Go to a local park and watch the world go by. If it’s raining, put your brolly up and go and splash in some puddles – having childish fun can be very therapeutic. 

Avoid alcohol/drugs – alcohol and drugs may block out the problem and help you forget for a short time, but the hangover/come down will be worse. 

Listen to music – research has shown that music releases dopamine into our brain – the happy chemical. Close the curtains, turn the volume up and pick a playlist to lift your spirits, or even better, put your headphones in and go for a long walk, get some fresh air and exercise with your favourite band for company. 

Ask for help – we all need help from time to time and never be ashamed to ask.  

Exercise  you don’t have to join a gym or leisure centre to exercise. Perhaps you could start the Couch to 5K plan, or walk 10,000 steps per day, set a goal to swim 20 lengths of your local pool. All exercise focuses the mind on the task and eases anxiety and stress. 

Learn a new skill – a sense of self achievement can help to build mental strength, perhaps learn a new language, or a skill you can transfer to your work life. 

Volunteer – helping people who are in need could assist with your mental health and build confidence, whilst also helping to give something back to people who may not be able to provide for themselves. 

Most of all, remember it is ok to not be ok. 


Lamp Logo

PPL PRS is proud to support LAMP

PPL PRS is proud to support LAMPmental health charity for people based in Leicestershire and Rutland. LAMP provide support and access to anyone in need of help, by making people feel more valued, listened to and more able to cope and to be able to access the services and support they need. They are giving a voice to all people whose lives are affected by mental health. You can find out more about LAMP, and the work they do here. 



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