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Accent Clothing

Accent Clothing use TheMusicLicence to define their brand

We spoke to owners, Becky, Jack & Steve about how they use music in their store.

Established in 1984, Accent Clothing is an award winning, independent retail business run by Becky, Steve and Jack in Leeds. They are located in Queens Arcade, Leeds with a nationwide presence via their e-commerce site. Accent Clothing specialises in designer fashion for both men, women and juniors. They consider themselves a destination for fashion, music and experiences and therefore regularly host a variety of events in store, from fashion events showcasing new designers to pamper evenings.*
Music, it’s all part of the atmosphere and all part of the flavour of the shop, we like to play the right music at the right time.
Jack – Accent Clothing
Live music events in a shop

How do Accent Clothing use music in their business?

“Right from when we started music has always been part of our identity… it’s part of our blood”.

“It’s really important for us at the moment because the industry over the last 5 years has changed so much, so quickly like never before, the growth of online shopping has hit not just Leeds but has hit every city centre over the country… people need a reason to come to a city centre, so you need a social event to bring them out”.

How do Accent Clothing use music in other ways?

“We do a couple of events every year, we tie in the brands we stock…people could come in and customise their jeans, we have DJ’s in the window, live music… Whenever we do an event, it’s not just about Accent Clothing, it’s about the community… We want to be the reason people come out”.

How do Accent Clothing choose the music that they play?

“Everyone will put what they want on, and they know, all our staff know what’s right for the right time, everyone has their own little quirks and their own little tastes but its good, it’s all part of the atmosphere and all part of the flavour of the shop”.


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