Success Story:

The Berkeley Inns Group



Founded in 2014 with the mission to acquire and re-develop closed or unloved pubs, the Berkeley Inns Group is a fast-expanding pub restaurant business based across the Midlands region.

Starting small, the group now have five sites across the Derbyshire and Staffordshire, all of which are renowned for their décor, service and attractive outdoor space.

Since launching, the group have been named ‘Pub of the Year’ in the National Pub Bar Awards, ‘Gold Winner’ in the Tourism and Good Food Awards 2022 and have also been shortlisted for the ‘Best Pub Beer Garden’ Award 2021.

In Conversation with Berkeley Inns

How do you use music?

Q) How important are live music and other similar events for creating the right atmosphere and bringing people together?

Our live music programmes have been especially popular over the years, and it is wonderful to be able to finally return to providing live events after pandemic restrictions were lifted. Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do, and it is wonderful to witness the conviviality of the locals and visitors alike soaking up the atmosphere, exchanging stories, enjoying our mouth-watering food and refreshing array of drinks in across of venues.
We have always recognised the fundamental importance of music within our venues it is an essential part of the ambience.”

What are the benefits of music?

Q) There is a big emphasis on the experience when they visit your gardens. How important is music within this and how does it help to creating a space that your customers enjoy?

Music by it’s sheer nature lifts the mood and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. So, whether it is a quintessential hot summers day bathed in sunshine or thrashing down with biblical rainstorms, our customers can take shelter in their own garden room, as well as within our buildings, overlooking the garden or under any of our structures.

Whatever the weather, the mood is lifted by music, a friendly face with a drink in hand. People, food and music in a traditional country pub, what really could be more pleasurable than that?”

Even on a sweltering day when pubs are packed and our staff are stretched, melodies generate happiness amongst our team…music is powerful and promotes energy.”

How important is music to staff?

Q) What about your staff, how important is the use of music at your pubs to them?

Music has the ability to lift the mood for everyone. It provides atmosphere and improves our staff efficiency without a doubt.

Our staff are here to serve and are passionate about what they do, musical harmony is proven to lift the spirits of all our team, whether they are serving or preparing food in the kitchen, the sounds waft through each room creating a good feel factor and sets them in the right mood for work.

Even on a sweltering day when are pubs are packed and our staff are stretched, melodies generate happiness amongst our team and create a wonderful ambience for our customers for them to remember and return to. Music is powerful and promotes energy.

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