Success Story:

The Tamworth Tap


Founded in 2017 by George Greenaway, The Tamworth Tap is a fully operational taproom, microbrewery and off-licence.

Set within a 16th Century shop in the heart of the historic marketing town, the independent business, which enjoys ancient castle views, offers 8 cask ales, 20 draught ciders, 50 Belgian beers and extensive craft can range.

Since launching, the taproom has been named CAMRA Staffordshire Pub of the Year 2022 and been nominated for several other awards including the Best Pub Garden Award in 2022.


How does music add to the atmosphere and help you to create a space your customers enjoy?

“Our music works with the time of day, the day of the week and the season. Even the weather is a factor. We create playlists that suit that particular situation and are filed as Christmas, sunny day, Sunday morning etc. We have so many comments on how customers have enjoyed the playlists even asking where they can buy the CD. I’m certain we keep customers a little longer as they can’t leave because of the music.”
Our garden has a real wow factor when entering…nestled at the bottom is the live music stage flanked by seating and tables.
George Greenaway

And what about your staff, what are their thoughts on the music you use?

“Our staff love our playlists. They also enjoy the interaction with customers who discuss the music. We never play inverted music. It’s all deliberately chosen for its genre.”
We have a huge local music following and showcase the best local acts…These types of events bring people into the town and support other hospitality venues.”
George Greenaway

As a finalist for the Best Pub Garden in 2022, what advice would you give to other businesses when it comes to making the most out of their garden area this summer?

“To have a theme that can be marketed through drinks and food and can be supported through your day to day operation. Make the décor and surroundings relevant to the local area and be non specialist so not to alienate any potential demographic. The ambience of area is key. Paying particular attention to music genre and lighting is critical. Try to bring the indoors out.”


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