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Since launching in 2007, Wahaca have been at the forefront of bringing healthy, sustainable, Mexican style street food to the British market.

Initially beginning with just one site at Covent Garden, the popularity of the brand soon spread throughout London and beyond, with 13 restaurants now across several major cities including Edinburgh, Cardiff and Brighton.

Since launching, Wahaca have won numerous awards including being named the first restaurant group in the UK to be certified as carbon neutral in 2017.

Find out more about how music helps Wahaca release the rhythm

Music is just an essential part of our restaurants and bars because when people come in to eat our very vibrant food, we need to find music to match those flavours and also the atmosphere within the restaurant.”

Paola Feregrino-Rodriguez

How does music help Wahaca?

Wahaca use music to reflect their brand and maintain the right atmosphere for their customers.

So, “if the restaurant is very, very lively like for example on a Thursday, Friday evening when people are buzzing then we would turn up the tempo and the music so … the vibe feels more upbeat.”

“The interior is so colourful we have to have something that’s going to reflect and enhance your experience and always to keep it fresh and keep it interesting so people can discover new music when they come into a restaurant.”

For Wahaca, the right music is as important as any other aspect of their business. When choosing their music, they “would say you need to look at your core business values and then just think what kind of music could match my food, my staff, my interiors, what kind of music is going to make my customers feel good.”
Wahaca being a Mexican restaurant, we mainly play Latin music or music which is in Latin rhythms. There is a big Latin/UK scene at the moment so we will try to showcase those artists who are in the UK and love Latin music.”
Paola Feregrino-Rodriguez

How does music help the team?

As a busy restaurant, Wahaca use music to help to motivate their staff and keep them engaged. Playing lively music not only helps to boost morale but it also helps to increase as “staff can actually work to that upbeat tempo.”

“Our staff love Latin music, a lot of them come from Spain, Italy and Poland where they love Salsa, and they can also make suggestions so we can add them to the playlist.”

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