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Looking for a way to make your event stand out?  You’ve come to the right place.

How about a way to encourage better networking? Appeal to a wider audience and encourage people to get involved with your business or cause?

Whatever it is, playing music at your Leicester Business Festival event could help to create a more welcoming atmosphere, make people feel more engaged and help to improve the experience overall.


Benefits of playing music at your event

Improve the atmosphere

We all know of awkward silences and that they are best avoided. Music can help to set the tone, create a welcoming atmosphere and make people feel more relaxed & at ease.

Help you to stand out

In business, it’s important to be recognised – and music can help with this. Using it at your event could help to make you stand out, create a more uplifting environment and encourage people to attend. Using additional entertainment could entice people to stay longer, get involved and possibly become more interested in your business as a result.

Improve your messaging

Music can be used for more than just background sounds, making it a useful tool to improve your messaging. You could consider using music in presentations, displays and anything else that your event might involve to help to enhance parts of your event and make it a more interactive and engaging experience.

So, why not consider playing music at your event?

As official music sponsor of the Leicester Business Festival, PPL PRS are here to help businesses make the most out of their event and enjoy the benefits that playing music can bring.

We can provide support every step of the way to help you set up your licence and understand how to use music to make the most out of your event.

Music in the workplace

It’s not just events that can benefit from music, but the workplace can too!

Playing music can help to motivate staff, boost the mood and help to create a more welcoming & uplifting environment.

But don’t just take our word for it.


of people enjoy listening to background music at their workplace


of people surveyed said playing music helps to lift the atmosphere at work


of people working in an office or workplace feel more motivated when music is playing


of people think playing background music creates a positive working environment


of people agree that they feel more engaged and focused when background music is playing at work


of people agree that playing music can create a calmer environment and can help to alleviate stress and anxiety

* Attest survey (Jan 2023) of 500 people in the UK who are working in offices and workplaces currently playing background music.

Thinking about playing music in your new business and want to know more?

What is TheMusicLicence?

TheMusicLicence gives UK businesses and organisations the legal permission required to use music. Under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders in order to play music in public. TheMusicLicence gives businesses this permission in relation to the vast majority of commercially available music.
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How is the cost calculated?

The cost of TheMusicLicence depends on a number of factors, including your type of venue & how you use music in your day-to-day operations but could cost a businesses as little as 27p per day**
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Where does my money go?

After our business costs, music licence fees are distributed to those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music. This means that by purchasing TheMusicLicence, you are supporting the future of music by helping to ensure its creators are paid for their work.
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**An office with 4 or fewer workers could play music for £104.82 providing the music is not audible to customers or other visitors to the premises.

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