Background Music Licence Gym

The power of background music

Whatever your business – coffee shop, beauty or hair salon, cocktail bar or restaurant, clothing retailer - background music can enhance the experience you provide to your customer.

The background music you play can be as much a part of your brand image as your logo. It could be the deciding factor for a customer when choosing between you and your competitors!

background music in restaurant

Pick your playlist for your background music wisely, consider your customer base, the time of day, the weather outside – the right playlist could even help you promote your products or services.

Seasonal music doesn’t just apply to the Festive season – think of summer and the music that symbolises that time of year – your background music choices can create that ‘feel good’ mood and encourage customers to stay, and return!

Background music licence ppl prs

Purchasing TheMusicLicence for your background music usage ensures you are legally entitled to play millions of tracks by original artists from all over the world. And in doing so, you are also helping the writers and performers of the music you play to continue to produce their work and be fairly rewarded.

Get TheMusicLicence for your business or organisation for your background music and put the essential energy of music at the heart of your business!

To get your licence, simply complete our Get TheMusicLicence Form and a member of our Music Licensing Team will contact you and provide a bespoke quote and arrange your licence for the background music in your business or organisation.