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Planning to play music in your business this Christmas? 
You'll probably need a music licence.

TheMusicLicence gives you permission to play music in your workplace for as little as 78p* a day. This includes most of the biggest artists from around the world – as well as those famous and best loved Christmas tunes!

Playing or performing music without the appropriate licence could amount to copyright infringement, so make sure you’re correctly licensed.

*A restaurant or cafe playing music via radio, with up to 30 seats, and an audible area below 400 sqm can play music for only 78p a day.

Why not enjoy the potential benefits of music in your business all year round?

Music could make the workplace more enjoyable and help to improve the experience for employees and customers. Additionally it could also help to define your brand and make your company recognisable, distinguishing you from your competition.

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Play music all year round

From as little as 78p
per day*
  • Legally play music all year round
  • Millions of songs and recordings
  • Can help to make your work place more enjoyable

How do other businesses use music to their benefit?

Learn how Caffè Nero use music in their coffee shops to motivate their staff, and create different moods to suit their customers at different times of the day.

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