Tips to keep manufacturing and warehouse teams motivated

Greg Aiello

It’s no secret that a key element to keeping any team happy and productive is to keep them motivated. However, within the demanding and fast-paced environment of a production line or warehouse operation, this can sometimes be a challenge.
Here are some practical tips to help boost team morale and achieve the goal of a healthy, efficient workforce.

1. Recognise success

Having a sense of value and pride in your work is hugely important and goes a long way to keeping up workplace motivation. Ensuring that team members are recognised for outstanding work in front of their peers is a great morale booster for the individual and can also have the knock-on effect of driving ambition in other team members too.

Consider introducing an ‘Employee of the Week’ scheme or other awards for team achievement. A key thing to remember is to ensure that there is a fair and transparent way of selecting the winners to avoid any potential resentment.

Promoting a workplace culture where constructive and positive feedback is shared regularly between managers and their team members is a good way of keeping everybody motivated and striving to do their best.

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2. Put safety and training first

Invest in the right tools and equipment and ensure that your staff know how to use them. Making sure that your team members know that their safety at work is a top priority for you not only means that you’ll be compliant with workplace legislation, but also means that your staff won’t feel worried or at risk when they are working – a win-win.

Remember that clean, well-lit work areas are much more motivating. Staff training is also a good motivational tool as it shows team members that their employer is invested in them and their progression and personal development. It’s also a chance for staff to share new knowledge afterwards with the rest of their team.

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3. Play music

Listening to music whilst you work can be a great motivator as it can help to boost the mood and promote a positive, friendly atmosphere.

If it’s possible, it’s also a good idea to give employees some input into music played in their workplace, whether that’s choosing a particular radio station or asking people to feed into a playlist, Research has shown that listening to music whilst working can improve speed and also improve accuracy when performing tasks, so don’t underestimate what a powerful tool music can be in keeping staff motivated and productive.

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4. Employee perks

Giving staff some incentives can prove to be a big motivator in the long run and will make staff feel valued and looked after. These don’t have to be particularly expensive; it can be as simple as supplying hot drinks or providing fresh fruit and healthy snacks.

Discounts on stock can also work well as your team will be able to endorse your products through first-hand experience. Regular staff socials are also a good way to help everyone get to know each other and feel like more of a team. Even just buying in pizza every once in a while, is a good way to show appreciation to your team and improve morale and motivation.



Greg Aiello

Greg Aiello

Head of Commercial



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