Tips for keeping retail customers and staff engaged

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Retail is a fast-moving industry and there is a lot of competition out there for people’s time and attention. Giving both your customers and your staff a positive experience can pay dividends in terms of sales and staff retention. Here are some pointers on how to capture those customers and make your business stand out from the rest.

1. Play music

Music can be an incredibly powerful tool in making your retail customer experience shine. It can create an atmosphere that draws people in from outside and can also really convey who you are as a brand, so take time to consider which kind of music works best for your style and the kind of customers you want to attract. The right music can increase customer dwell time, encouraging them to spend more time browsing.

Another often not considered benefit of music to help with making customers feel at ease, is that it allows them a bit of privacy, especially in smaller retail units. They may feel more comfortable commenting to each other about the products and feel less like they are being observed by staff that are eager to make a sale. Feeling more comfortable whilst browsing can lead to spending more time looking around and a greater chance they’ll find something they want to purchase. An added bonus is that queues never seem as long if there’s some energetic music to distract you!

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2. Make it an experience

A great way to bring the retail experience to life is to make it as interactive as possible for customers who come onto the shop floor. If you are in a position to give out samples, for example, food or cosmetics, this can be a very effective way to influence purchase decisions by enabling try-before-you-buy. It can also make your customer feel that they are gaining something by visiting you, and it gives your sales team a chance to get valuable face time with potential buyers without having to approach them cold.

Product demonstrations are another good way of doing this, if your business lends itself to this. This can be run by a member of staff, or in the case of electronic products simply having secured products out on display that customers can try out themselves. This is a great way to get them to connect with what you are selling.


3. Don’t forget your employees

It’s no secret that a happy workforce makes for happier customers as they are getting better, a friendlier service. Therefore, it’s very important that you consider your team when making efforts to improve your retail business. Recognising and rewarding success is a great way to improve staff morale; could you introduce an employee of the month scheme, for example?

Having a clear visual identity also helps a team feel more cohesive. This can be a uniform or even just a dress code that everyone keeps to, and it also helps customers find help from the right people on the shop floor. Finally, make your staff brand advocates by providing a staff discount or allowance that enables them to use and experience the products that they are selling. This will help make them first-hand experts and enable them to answer customer queries and provide advice with confidence that can only translate into a positive experience for the customer.

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Playing Music in Your Store

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