Menopause Rocks


Menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic, with nearly 8 out of 10 women who are experiencing symptoms of the menopause currently in work. However, according to our research, incredibly only 26.9% feel supported in the workplace.1

This lack of support led to 1 in 10 women leaving their roles in 2022, and in more recent research by Forth, 69% of workers believe that menopausal women are discriminated against in the workplace.

So, how do YOU go about ensuring this demographic are shown support and cared for during what can be a stressful and physically debilitating time of their lives?

We have put together a quick guide for employers to kick-start their menopause support programme.

Create an in-house support group

As part of your diversity and inclusion programme, create a support group for anyone who is experiencing peri- or menopausal symptoms, or is supporting a friend or family member who is.

Creating a safe space where open, honest conversations can take place is vital to breaking down the taboo around menopause and allowing your people to support each other. Providing access to external assistance is also important too, there are various websites and organisations who publish information and guidance.

Time off

According to research, 48% of women have lied about reasons for a sick day to cover up the need for time off for menopause related issues.

Creating a HR Menopause Policy that provides the option for absence to be menopause related and not count towards any sickness/absence related disciplinary procedures will help people who are experiencing issues to access the information they need, and ensures managers are more aware, and can support where necessary.

Care packages

We spend the majority of our day at work, and during the menopause there can be a number of problems to overcome, some unexpectedly! Supplying care packages for your people can help to ease the stress and anxiety that being in the working environment at this time can bring.

Bags containing new clothing and underwear in different sizes, sanitary products, hygiene products, and other items can be placed in discreet lockers or areas of the business where they are easily accessed by all members of your team.

Play music

Did you know that music can help to relieve menopause symptoms such as anxiety, stress and lack of concentration? Research has shown that music has the power to improve wellbeing and increase the production of the ‘happy chemical’, serotonin in our brains. Lack of concentration or ‘brain fog’ as it is often called is a common symptom of the menopause and music has been proven to aid concentration and also ease fatigue during long working hours.
Both music therapy and the properties of music can alleviate our mood even on the darkest of days, and music can help you ease the symptoms of menopause in many different ways. Paying attention to why you like particular pieces of music, and how they can impact your mood and energy levels, is a great way to start incorporating music into your wellness habits”
Music Therapist for PPL PRS, Marianne Rizkallah

More time to prepare and work

As mentioned previously, brain fog is a common symptom of menopause. In our recent research over 60% of those surveyed struggle with memory loss, and over 55% have problems concentrating.

This can lead to worry and stress about completing tasks at work. Allowing people more time to prepare for meetings or to finish a project can often relieve that overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety.


Many people who are experiencing peri- or menopausal symptoms can very often feel like they are of no use anymore, however, this is very much the opposite. Recognising employees who have life experience and expert knowledge is important to retaining your workforce.

As mentioned previously, 1 in 10 women left their roles in 2022 due to lack of support from their employer during this time, by showing your people they are valued and important to your business could go a long way to ensuring your business is not included in that statistic.


  1. A survey commissioned by PPL PRS of 500 UK respondents by Attest in November 2022.

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