Jubilee Celebrations fit for a queen

As diaries fill out, dates are set and plans continue to take shape, it seems there is only one thing left to do now – and that’s to look forward.

Look forward to sunny days and starlit nights, warm weather wardrobes and, more importantly, a summer of special events.

This year in particular, there is even more to look forward to, with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee just around the corner and an extra-long weekend to enjoy!

For some, this might be spent getting together at street parties or village fetês, while for others it may be taken up with busy days out with the kids, or lazy, sun-soaked afternoons indulging in some much-needed downtime with friends.

Marking such a special occasion probably means that for many, plans for how they might spend the long weekend ahead have already begun, including thinking carefully about the places to go to have the best experience and really get into the celebratory spirit.

As a business owner or manager, this may mean considering introducing special offers, for example, to entice your customers in, putting up Jubilee themed décor to create the right mood, or playing music to enhance the atmosphere and provide a space that feel fresh and uplifting. 

According to our recent survey, 93% of businesses that use music agree that it has a positive impact, while 88% agreed that music is enjoyable to both staff and customers.*

Fit for your business

Playing music could help to lift the mood, boost the atmosphere and create an environment that feels welcoming and entertaining.

Just imagine your customers jiving the weekend away to popular post-war era tracks, alongside their favourite modern hits, or enjoying upbeat songs that get them in the mood for the weekend ahead, as they browse for a new outfit or their last-minute party essentials.

Fit for your customers

Playing music could help to set the tone, make people feel more positive and help to create exactly the right atmosphere that your customers are looking for.

In another of our surveys, 40% of people said that they were more likely to indulge in an extra treat if music, in particular pop music, is being played**. Using music in your business, including live music and DJ sets could help to give your business a more appealing feel, bring people together and help to create an environment that is more memorable.

It could help to make the atmosphere feel more relaxed, give people a reason to go out and may be why they choose to visit your business during the bank holiday weekend over others.

Fit for your staff

When it comes to your staff, playing music could help to to improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks. It could help to make staff feel more at ease, encourage conversations and lead to improved customer service levels as a result.

For employees who are getting used to it getting busier again after a quieter period, playing music could help to providing an added burst of energy throughout the day, ease stress and help to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

So, whatever your plans this Jubilee, music could make them fit for a queen, helping to ensure your celebrations fit for everyone!

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*Research performed by Perspectus Global, based on figures from 2,101 UK respondents, September 2021

**Research performed by PPL PRS in relation to TheMusicLicence, February – March 2020. Figures based on a group of 73 participants.



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