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New World Trading Company

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Formed in 2011, New World Trading Company are an award-winning hospitality group known for a number of well-known brands across the UK.

This includes The Botanist, which has around 25 venues alone, as well as several other independent venues nationwide.

By using background music and hosting regular live events across their sites, the brand are able to create a unique experience for their customers and attract people of all ages.

Being recognised as The Sunday Times ‘Best Companies To Work For’, New World Trading Company not only pride themselves on the atmosphere they create for their visitors, but the environment their staff can enjoy, including the regular live music offerings that take place.

Hospitality staff are on their feet all day, quite a lot, there’s quite a lot of moving around so having the right music can be an absolute godsend for keeping people’s motivation and energy going.”

Liam Wood, Head of Learning and Development

Watch the full success story to find out how New World Trading Company use music to stay in-tune:

In Conversation with New World Trading Company

How important is music to your business and brand?

“All of our venues at New World are quite unique, quite stylish and music plays a huge part in that. Music and live performances are what people are going out for, what people are looking for… it’s not just food venues with a stage in the corner, it’s about the whole package.” – Lynsey Hutchinson, Marketing Manager

How important is music to your staff?

“Music has a big impact on employee engagement and retention…the teams are in there as much as our guests are, so they enjoy that atmosphere and it helps them connect with the brand they are working in.” – Liam Wood, Head of Learning and Development

What sort of atmosphere does live music create?

“When I started with the company, live music was introduced every day, although COVID had a massive impact on us having live music… whether it be Friday, Saturday Sunday at peak trade. But during summer especially we look at having it on every day and I think that it’s such a massive sell out for anyone that wants to come here as a guest, it kind of captivates all guests coming in having food and drinks.” – Liam Hughes, General Manager

How do you use TheMusicLicence to support music creators?

“A music licence, it’s not just about putting a sticker on the window, it’s about knowing what that money is spent on…a lot of guys who play for us are all original artists as well, so it’s very important for us that they know… the money that is spent on a music licence goes to people like themselves and other creators.” – Luke Geoghegan, Head of Music

When I started with the company, live music was introduced every day…I think even me as General Manager, it boosts my mood overall, especially working on a Saturday night. To have such a great atmosphere in the bar downstairs, we then link that playlist upstairs into the restaurant so everybody across the venue enjoys it.”
Liam Hughes, General Manager

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