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Each year, thousands of people flock to the seaside to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the aim to relax by the seaside and unwind with a nice cold drink and some sea-side entertainment. From hosting local bands to karaoke, your venue could provide the soundtrack to a memorable holiday for your customers.

Coastal cities and towns often have their own cultural identity, from fresh seafood to vibrant entertainment venues, these seaside towns can offer a perfect blend of nature, culture and leisurely entertainment which makes these coastal areas an ideal choice for a summer get away. ​


Seaside escape

For a seaside bar or restaurant, having the right music in your venue can complement the natural surroundings, create a relaxing atmosphere and provide a sense of escape you’re your customers.

For example, by playing soft music throughout the day has the ability to create a relaxing environment as opposed to the more up-beat tracks in the evening to help get the party started and create a more festive atmosphere.

Be your customers favourite holiday memory

As well as playing background music in your venue to attract customers, you could utilise live music to enhance the customer experience and help create a memorable holiday for your customers. By promoting live music nights that feature local artists, or even themed nights, karaoke and music quizzes- all of which as the ability to draw in a good crowd and give your venue a unique charm that can become a signature aspect of your brand.

By carefully selecting your background music and live entertainment, you have the ability to utilise music to create a buzz around your business. This can generate new customers who are eager to experience your venues vibrant atmosphere, as well as those faithful regulars who return year-on-year for their holiday. 

We have a huge local music following and showcase the best local acts…These types of events bring people into the town and support other hospitality venues.”

George Greenaway, The Tamworth Tap

If you’re a sea-side venue looking to introduce music, or increase your current usage to enhance your customers experience and create long-lasting memories for your patrons but want to understand the benefits, you can read the article that gives you the facts and figures around the importance of music in your venue here. From your staff to customers- music has the ability to boost the overall mood and create an enjoyable environment.

If you’re looking to introduce music into your new or existing business, or you already do and want to increase your usage, please contact us or complete our Get TheMusicLicence Form to arrange a quote.

During summer especially we look at having live music every day and I think that it’s such a massive sell out for anyone that wants to come here as a guest, it kind of captivates all guests coming in having food and drinks.”

Liam Hughes, General Manager, The Botanist (New World Trading Company).

How much will a music licence for a pub or bar cost?

The cost of TheMusicLicence depends on a number of factors in your pub or bar, including how you use music in your day-to-day operations, whether that be for background purposes or other usages such as music on hold. 

Please find cost examples below:


Starts from...
£1.57 per day

Background Music

Starts from...
£1 per day

Live music performance​

Starts from...
per attendee


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