Refresh your memory of the national anthem lyrics

How many times, over the years, do you suppose you’ve heard the national anthem? 

Football matches, royal events, school speech days… You might not know all the lyrics by heart – Google Trends showed a steep rise in searches for the lyrics around the time of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – but you’ll almost certainly be able to hum it. And with the 2022 Commonwealth Games just around the corner, you’re bound to hear a variety of them very soon from many countries. 

But of course, Great Britain’s national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’ isn’t the one that’ll be sung during the games; with Scotland, Wales and England all competing separately – spectators will be singing along to their respective anthems instead.

British national anthem lyrics

English national anthem lyrics


Scottish national anthem lyrics


Welsh national anthem lyrics


With 54 independent member countries, the Commonwealth boasts plenty of incredible anthems. All unique, but united in that they’re all so joyous. Patriotic. In a word: uplifting.

Is there a way, though, of knowing which is the most uplifting? And if there were, where, on such an extensive list, would the UK’s treasured anthem sit? 

Sentiment Analysis

Using a sentiment analysis* tool, PPL PRS have analysed the national anthems of all 54 Commonwealth countries along with the UK’s national anthem too, awarding each one a positivity ‘rating’ based on the positive emotions identified in the wording of the lyrics. Think you can guess where Great Britain places?

‘God Save the Queen’ hit 12th in the rankings with an incredible rating of 98.4%, however, still didn’t crack the top ten! Twelfth place certainly isn’t to be sniffed at, though. Especially with over 50 anthems to compete against.

Scotland (50.4%) proved to be the least uplifting anthem in the Commonwealth… with England’s ‘Jerusalem’ slightly higher at 56% and Wales sitting at a steady 68% positive.


  1. *Sentiment analysis conducted using


Alexandra Carr

Alexandra Carr

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