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A business without music can fall flat!

Music creates a mood. Maybe you want your clients to feel relaxed with some feelgood music as they sit back and have a shave, or perhaps your customers enjoy hearing the latest live sports chat on a bustling Saturday morning. Playing music in a barber studio can encourage conversations, and consequently increase that vital connection between your staff and customers.

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Create a reflective playlist

Generally we believe that music can be as much a part of your brand image as the company name or décor. Your clients are diverse, and your playlist can reflect that. Know your customers, involve your team. Learn which style of music heightens that ‘feelgood’ factor at different times. And you could create a barber shop which is as much known for its great atmosphere as it is for its excellent service and products. It’s all about the experience. Music can change that experience from good to outstanding!

It’s not just your customers who benefit from music being played either. Your colleagues will too! Music can add a burst of energy to a team who have been on their feet all day. So much so that going back to 1940 the BBC introduced ‘Music While you Work’ radio programmes to boost productivity in factories!

Music definitely impacts the salon positively. It just gives it a good vibe.

Paula Foskett, Owner – One.a Salon, Caernarfon

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Now ask yourself, can you really afford to not play music in your barber studio?

Let’s put it into perspective

Are there newspapers or magazines available for your clients to read while they wait or have their treatment? Perhaps you go the extra mile and provide freshly ground coffee or even an ice cold beer. Would you consider not supplying these for that feeling of added value?

Seems an impossible consideration doesn’t it? However, playing music in your business could cost you as little as £0.99 per day. And you will be safe in the knowledge that you are licensed to play original music and radio stations which can improve your brand, your clients will feel welcome and valued, whilst also increasing staff morale. And now we are making it even easier for you to buy that music licence. Previously businesses needed to buy two separate music licences, one from PPL and one from PRS for Music. However, these two bodies have listened to their customers and formed a new joint venture – PPL PRS Ltd – and created TheMusicLicence. What this means for you is that you can now buy and renew your music licence in one place, with one invoice and one contact. Simple!

It really is as easy as buying that daily newspaper or stocking up your in-shop fridge!

*A hair and beauty premise with 10 or fewer seats that plays music via TV or radio could play music for only 99p a day. Combined yearly licence £362.20



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