Turn a cocktail into a concert

The right music in a bar or restaurant could help your business fulfil its potential

Your customers are diverse, and your playlist can reflect that. Maybe you want them to feel relaxed with some feelgood music as they sit back and enjoy an after-work drink or meal. Or perhaps they enjoy listening to an in-house DJ as the cocktails flow.

Know your customers, involve your team! You could create a venue which is as much known for its music as it is for its excellent food and drinks. It’s all about the experience. Consequently, music can change that experience from good to outstanding!

It’s not just your customers who benefit from music being played, additionally your colleagues will too! Music in a bar or restaurant can add a burst of energy to a team who have been on their feet all day.

Now ask yourself, can you really afford to not play music?

Playing music in a bar or restaurant could cost you as little as 99p per day*. And you will be safe in the knowledge that you are licensed to play background music via radio and TV which can improve your brand, your clients will feel welcome and valued, whilst also increasing staff morale.

And now we are making it even easier for you to buy a music licence.

Previously businesses needed to buy two separate music licences. One from PPL and another from PRS for Music. These two bodies have formed a new joint venture – PPL PRS Ltd – and created TheMusicLicence. What this means for you is that you can now buy and renew your music licence in one place, with one invoice and one contact. Simple!

* Example based on using music via the TV or radio in a pub or bar that is 400sqm or less.  Combined yearly pub and bar music licence could cost around £363.06 (excluding VAT).



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