TheMusicLicence isn't "just another tax"


Is TheMusicLicence just “another form of tax”? In short, the answer is no, the fee payable for a music licence is not a tax.

Where does your money really go

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the copyright holders of music – those people who create it – in order to play or perform music in public. To get permission to play and perform music in public, businesses across the UK must purchase TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS.


PPL PRS Ltd is a new company, equally owned by PPL and PRS for Music. It provides customers with a streamlined music licensing service to make it easier to legally play music.

  • PPL represents record companies and performers.
  • PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers and music publishers.

We exist to protect the value of music, so that music creators can continue making the music that we all love and enjoy. After business costs, all of the licence fees collected flow back to these organisations to process. PPL and PRS then distribute royalties to the music creators they represent.

TheMusicLicence covers virtually all commercially released music. Including the millions of most popular and well loved songs and recordings, not just from the UK but also from around the world. PPL and PRS for Music each have databases storing details of millions of musical compositions and recordings. Together with a wealth of information about what music is being used by customers, this enables PPL and PRS for Music to determine fairly and efficiently which of their members to pay, and how much to pay them.

Subsequently by purchasing TheMusicLicence, you are supporting the future of music. You are helping musicians to continue writing, producing and performing. Ensuring its creators are paid for their work, so that the people who write, perform and record it can continue making the music you love. We’re not just talking about the global superstars we all recognise either. The income provided through royalties to session musicians, up and coming local bands, the yet unknown record producer. It’s vital in ensuring our music industry grows and new talent is discovered.

If you are still unsure, visit Gov UK for more information



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