December 2017

Caffè Nero using music to their advantage
Case study for TheMusicLicence from Caffè Nero

Established over 20 years ago by founder, Gerry Ford and Pablo Ettinger, Caffè Nero is one of the UK’s largest coffee shop chains. Beginning simply, the chain have eventually grown one coffee, one customer and one store at a time. Presently, they now operate more than 800 coffee houses across Europe.

Caffe Nero Music
The vast majority of their beans are sourced from identifiable and traceable sources. Their coffee is also produced in their own Roastery to give it its unique award-winning taste. Consequently, Caffè Nero was awarded Coffee Shop Retailer of the Year in 2016 by the CEE Retail Awards.*

We use music to change the atmosphere so, like all good retailers we split our day into parts… and you can actually feel the atmosphere change. More and more up-tempo as we go through the day so it has a huge influence.

Pablo Ettinger – Co-founder of Caffè Nero


We spoke to Caffè Nero co-founder, Pablo Ettinger about how they use music in their stores to their advantage.

Caffe Nero Music Licence
How is music important for customers in Caffè Nero?

“It is absolutely core because one of the reasons that people come to a Caffé Nero is because of the atmosphere, it feels good, they want to come in”

“Generally, we get very positive feedback about the music. I think people recognise that our music is not background music, it’s a lot more than that. A very very large percentage of our customers are loyal and they come back every day or twice a week and the music has to be part of that otherwise they wouldn’t come back if they didn’t like it”


How does the music help to motivate the staff?

“Later in the evening we play much more upbeat music when staff are clearing because it makes them feel good. In the morning before the customers get there we try and play something that’s more upbeat as well when staff are getting going in the morning”

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Caffè Nero case study

Caffè Nero discuss the benefits of playing the right music at certain points of the day for their staff and customers across the UK.

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