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The benefits of playing reggae music to dogs

When it comes to music, we all have our favourites, and if reggae is one of your go-to genres, you are not alone.

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, reggae is ranked number 10 amongst the most popular music genres in the world and is enjoyed by people across the globe.

And is it any wonder? This laid-back style of music can make us feel happier and more upbeat thanks to the loose beats and relaxed style.

But did you know it can have a positive effect on dogs too?

To mark international reggae day on July 1st, PPL PRS and Head Vet at, Sean McCormack, share the benefits that playing reggae music can have on dogs – including how it can actually be the preferred choice for our four-legged friends.

Reggae can help relieve anxiety

One of the main ways dog owners use music is to keep their pets calm, particularly during stressful times such as fireworks nights, a trip to the vets or even when they are left alone, but before you search for a chilled-out playlist or tune into your favourite ambient radio station, you might want to consider playing reggae instead. Reggae music is thought to be one of the most effective genres for keeping dogs calm because the rhythm of this genre is similar to a dog’s own heart rate. Diving more deeply into BPM’s, research that measured dogs heart rates found decreased stress levels in dogs when reggae music was played. The research also found music in general caused pets to spend significantly more time lying down and less time standing when music was played.

Reggae is an enjoyable genre

Interestingly though, reggae music is not just a way to calm anxiety and relieve stress in pets, it can actually be a genre canines enjoy listening to as well. According to PPL PRS research, almost 50% of dog owners surveyed say that they play music to their pets° but it’s important to play the right kind of music – and the genres you think your pets might enjoy may not necessarily be the best genre to use. According to Sean McCormack, “it’s reggae all the way for most dogs according to the research” and “while classical music was predictably popular, gentle reggae vibes scored
even higher on the dog enjoyment scale”  making it a good go-to genre for a range of scenarios.

Reggae encourages good behaviour

This is not to say that classical music should be overlooked by dog owners, however.  In fact, over 44% of dog owners surveyed said that they play classical music to their dogs as a way of calming and entertaining them and research suggests classical music can have a positive effect.  However, reggae, as well as soft rock, which has a similar beat and tempo, has been observed to have the most positive effects when it comes to behaviour. * This could include reducing barking, pacing, and standing, for example, all of which are traits associated with stress and anxiety, which reggae music can help to reduce and in turn, potentially improve behaviour as a result.

These are just some of the ways reggae music, as well as other genres can be beneficial to your dogs. Find out more by reading our collaboration with and try music for yourself.



2. Bowman, A., Scottish SPCA, , Dowell, F.J., and Evans, N.P. (2017) ‘The effect of different genres of music on the stress levels of kennelled dogs’. Physiology and Behavior, 171, pp. 207-215.

3. Survey of 400 dog owners conducted on 13/06/2022 via Attest by PPL PRS




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