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Here you will find articles, content & downloads about music licensing and the benefits of music to a business, as well as business and industry information.
  • Radio at work image 1 main

    Stay ‘in-tune’ with workplace radio

    Tuning in to the radio in the workplace could boast endless benefits for staff and customers alike.

    Tune in with the radio at work.

  • RidersEaglesBrandonClark22

    In the locker room with Leicester Riders

    PPL PRS spoke to some of the Leicester Riders players and their coach, who have shared their own views about music at their games.

    Watch the videos with Leicester Riders.

  • TheMusicLicence Christmas Music

    Hit the right note this Christmas!

    Choose the right music this festive season.
    Not every business is keen to have sleigh bells ringing throughout the festive season.

    How to get the best out of your music this Christmas.

  • Licence for bonfire night

    Are you licensed for bonfire night?

    Bringing the flare to your firework night!
    Make sure you're correctly licensed to use music at your bonfire night or fireworks display event.

    Read more about your licence requirements here.

  • rugby page footer

    Are you showing the Rugby World Cup?

    Don’t get sin-binned during the Rugby World Cup 2019.
    Make sure you're correctly licensed to show the games in your business during the Rugby World Cup.

    Read more about your licence requirements here.

  • Who is PPL PRS

    PPL PRS, what's the story?

    Everything you need to know about PPL PRS.
    PPL PRS is a joint venture between the UK's two music licensing organisations, PPL and PRS for Music, making it easier for their customers to get a music licence.

    Read more about PPL PRS here.

  • Music in a barbers

    Keeping your barbers on track

    Can you really afford to not play music in your barbers?
    Music creates a mood. Playing music in your studio can encourage conversations, that vital connection between your staff and customers.

    Read the full article here.

  • Entertainment and music licence

    Get to know your licences

    Do you need TheMusicLicence for your business?
    There is some confusion between an entertainment licence and a music licence, PPL PRS hope to educate business owners on being correctly licensed for the music they play.

    Get to know your licences here.

  • TheMusicLicence Case Study

    Caffè Nero using music to their advantage

    TheMusicLicence case study from Caffè Nero.
    People recognise that the music in Caffè Nero is not just background music, it’s a lot more than that.

    Read the Caffè Nero case study, or watch the video here.

  • Background music in a bar

    Turn a cocktail into a concert

    How can your choice of playlist reflect your business?
    Know your customers, involve your team, and you could create a venue which is as much known for its music as it is for its excellent food and drinks.

    Read the full article here.

  • Shop Background music

    Using music to define a retailers identity

    TheMusicLicence case study from Accent Clothing.
    Music is a really great way to get people working collaboratively together.

    Read the Accent Clothing case study, or watch the video here.

  • Music Royalties

    Live events & entertainment for businesses

    Could live entertainment liven up your business?
    Introducing music through events, live music or other featured entertainment can be highly beneficial to your business and could help your organisation fulfil its potential.

    Read more about live events here.

  • Employee Engagement Music

    Turn an office into an auditorium

    Why music in the workplace is all the rave?
    Introducing music could be highly beneficial to your business and could help your organisation fulfil its potential...

    Read the full article here.

  • Music Licence fees pay music creators

    TheMusicLicence isn't "just another tax"

    Where does your money really go?
    After our business costs, music licence fees are distributed to all those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music.

    Find out more about where your money goes.

  • SW 3 6

    Music to engage with local community

    TheMusicLicence case study from Simon Webster.
    it’s not just about hair, it’s about coming in, having an experience with like minded people.

    Read the Simon Webster case study, or watch the video here.

  • Get TheMusicLicence for your Restaurant

    Turn your frappé into a fiesta

    Why the right playlist is important to your business
    Imagine your coffee shop or store without the background music. A business without music can fall a bit flat.

    Read the full article here.