Winter warm up: How music can help businesses this January and beyond

It might only be the first week of 2024, but many of us are no doubt already starting to think about the year ahead. Holiday plans maybe? A special birthday perhaps? What about that new car or renovation you’ve been saving for? 

Whatever it is, there is always so much to look forward to with a new year. But first and foremost, there’s the dreaded January to endure.

Beat the blues

When we think of January, we likely think of the long wait until paydays, the cold, grey days and the fact that Springtime still seems a long way off.

We may also think about our businesses being quieter than usual with not a lot to entice customers in once the fun and frolics of the festive season are over.

Indeed, for many of us, January is a month we can’t wait to be over so that the warmer weather, longer days and more interesting events can return once more.

But does it really have to be this way?

What if this year we looked at January differently, and approached it with the same optimism as we might do for the rest of the year to come?

Understandably, the start of a New Year isn’t the most exciting for most businesses, but that doesn’t mean that your customers won’t be expecting the same great experience that’s on offer for the rest of the year.

In fact, January more than ever, might be the time to consider how important it is to create the right atmosphere and one that will entice customers in – which might include playing music.

Music to your ears

According to our research, 82% of customers said that hearing background music helps to create a better atmosphere in a business, with almost half agreeing that there are awkward silences if no music is being played.*

Playing music this January and beyond, could help to lift the mood, boost the environment and help to create a friendly and appealing space. It could help to give businesses a more upbeat feel, make people feel more positive and help to create the sort of comfortable and familiar atmosphere that people are looking for.

For many of us, January may feel like a dip after the joyful festive season, but playing music could help to ease the transition back to normal after the chaos of the festive period, and help to make even the quietest of spaces feel more inviting. Think back to as early as November when the cheery sounds of Christmas classics began to trickle in and how it helped to put people in the right mood. Once the music stops though, things can often fall flat.

Introducing music this new year, or continuing to use it over the coming months, can help to give your business a welcoming feel and ensure it remains as inviting and uplifting as your customers hope it will be.

Now the festivities are over, you might start thinking about the new year and what this means for your business, including how to make your brand stand out. Just as with your décor, name and even services, music can be an important part of your identity which can be useful for setting the right mood and making the experience unique and engaging.

Just think how your shop or salon might offer luxury appointments on the weekend for example, and how you could choose some soft, gentle music that relaxes customers and helps to complement their experience. Or what if your café or bar hosts a special event on a weekday evening and plays some upbeat songs to draw people in and keep them lifted after a busy day.  Whatever it is, music can help to set the tone and create the right mood that your customers are looking for.

Hit the right note with your staff

And it’s not just your customers that can benefit from the music that you play. Music could help to improve concentration and focus of your staff, something that is especially important after the busy festive rush. It could help to make staff feel more at ease and valued and could lead to improved customer service levels as a result.

As the new year begins and motivation levels may dip, playing music could help to provide an added burst of energy throughout the day, ease stress and help to create a comfortable and vibrant working atmosphere.

So, warm up this winter and discover how using music can benefit your staff and customers alike.


  1. Survey performed by Attest based on 500 UK adults, in February 2023



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