Spring into celebrations this St Patrick’s Day

Spring into celebration

From modern entertainment platforms to innovative transportation systems and everything in between, many of us are probably only too grateful of modern advancements.

Take the progress to technology for example and how it has helped to make work, schooling and even live entertainment a possibility for many of us over the last few years – something that would have been an impossibility without it.

Without such developments, it is fair to say that day-to-day life would be very different for most of us, after all, it helps to make things quicker and all-the-more straightforward.

Keeping things simple is something that many of us have not only become accustomed to over the years but is something we prefer, which could be the why despite all of the changes to modern life, many of us still enjoy traditions and a simpler approach.  

Whether this is simple wooden furniture, home cooked, comfort food or even celebrating traditions, just like St Patrick’s Day which is coming up later this month.

Celebrating the old

Despite being first recognised thousands of centuries ago, St Patrick’s Day is still (if not more) as popular as ever, celebrated by people each year from all around the world.

Whether this is by enjoying an ice-cold glass of Guinness, getting together with friends or even enjoying the Six Nations rugby competition, something that has fallen just at the right time for those looking for an extra excuse to celebrate this year!

It may also be by simply getting out and embracing the celebrations, after all, there is often no better way to get into the spirit – particularly when the mood and atmosphere is just right for the occasion.

This could be anything from the enticing food and drink offers to donning the bar with Irish flags or even introducing music. According our recent survey, 67% of customers admit to leaving a venue after realising no songs were playing.1  Using music could help to give your business a more unique and appealing space. It could help to define your brand, make you stand out and could help to reflect the mood and enhance the atmosphere.

Just think about how an open mic could get customers singing along to all their favourite traditional Irish songs or how customers could enjoy gathering around the big screen with friends as they enjoy beers and banter watching all of the top sporting events!

Celebrating the new

In the same way that music often helps us to feel good and unwind, playing it for customers could help to create a relaxing environment that is both relatable and engaging. It could help to make a moment more enjoyable and ensure the occasion is even more unique and memorable.

Music isn’t just for your customers either, your employees could benefit from it too. Listening to music at work could provide an added burst of energy throughout the day, and help to improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks.  For employees who are getting used to it getting busier again after a quieter period, playing music could help to ease the stress and help to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  

So, whatever events you are planning this year, use the power of music to spring into celebrations and put something new into old traditions!


  1. Research performed by Perspectus Global, based on figures from 2,101 UK respondents, September 2021



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