Start Up Donut & TheMusicLicence

Here at PPL PRS we’ve teamed up with Start Up Donut to give you all the hints and tips on how music can help create your brand, enhance the customer experience, and utilise music legally to support increase overall sales.


Who are Start Up Donut?

Donut are a website aimed at helping business succeed- from initial idea, to opening the doors for their first lot of customers. They provide all sort of reliable information and resources to educate business owners and save them time and money!

The website has a selection of donuts:

  • Sectors (how to start up and run over 200 different types of businesses)
  • Start Up
  • Marketing
  • Law (business and personal)
  • Technology
  • Money

They offer how-to-guides, featured articles, checklists, expert advice with case studies and more.

Working with Donut & New World Trading Company

We’ve teamed up with Donut to feature on their Start Your Own Business Podcast. These successful podcasts focus on niche and specific elements of a business and feature an expert guest on the subject matter to give you insight to better your business.

From advice on how to future proof your business, to keeping afloat during difficult times, they offer lots of support from already established business owners.

Our recent podcast with Donut was led by Liam Wood from New World Training Company, an award-winning hospitality group recognised for a number of well-known brands including The Botanist bars and restaurants.

In the podcast, Liam explains how your business can use music to enhance customer experience, he also shares his extensive experience in a business that uses music as a tool to enhance their brand and overall experience – from customer to colleague, Liam outlines the benefits of using music in your start-up business.

You can listen to the podcast here, or even listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

Liam shares the dos and don’ts when using music in your business. He encourages people to think carefully about what music they’re using in their business and select tunes that compliment your brand, no matter the sector.

If you’re looking to start up your own business and wondering where to start, or if you’re unsure on how to establish your brand and whether or not you’ll need a music licence for your business venture, this could be a great listen! The three key points you can take from listening to this podcast are:

  • Remember the subtle power of music.
  • Know your brand and target customers by selecting music to match the customer experience you’re looking to give.
  • Do it right – ensure you have your music licence and you’re correctly covered for background music and live entertainment.

If you’re looking to introduce music into your new or existing business, or you already do and want to increase your usage, please contact us or complete our Get TheMusicLicence Form to arrange a quote.

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How do I get TheMusicLicence?

Call us on 0116 290 0525

(8am-6pm, Monday-Friday)

Alternatively you can complete the online form and an adviser will be in touch.