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Music and culture are valuable, and so are those that make it.

Ipswich is known as one of the oldest towns in the UK and has a rich culture imbedded into it. With several popular attractions such as the Port and Waterfront, Christchurch Mansion and Wolsey Art Gallery, all of which showcase the towns history and art.


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The town is home to the New Wolsey and Regent Theatre which host a range of performances, from plays and concerts to comedy shows and musicals. As well as this, Ipswich also host a number of local events and festivals such as the Ipswich Maritime Festival, Ipswich Music Day and the Christmas market which brings the community together to dance and cheer to our favourite festive tunes.

The town of Ipswich has a valuable culture and a vast number of businesses from beauty salons, nightclubs, all the way through to retail stores and everything else in between. A majority of these businesses will currently be playing music, or looking to play music, through TV, radio or digital device, and each business will require a music licence in order to legally play copyrighted music.

To understand the importance of having TheMusicLicence for your business, read on:

Music can benefit your business and enhance the overall customer experience by:

  • Creating a positive atmosphere- music can set the tone and ambiance of your business, creating a pleasant environment that aligns with your brand. In one of our surveys, we found that 82% of customers believed that playing music creates a better atmosphere. While calming music can promote relaxation, upbeat music can energise your customers.
  • Influencing moods- music can have a profound impact on our emotions and senses. The right music can make your customers feel happier, relaxed or more engaged, which can improve their overall experience and satisfaction with your business.
  • Encourages longer visits- background music can encourage customers to stay for longer and enjoy their stay which can result in higher spend. In our recent survey, over 67% of customers admitted to leaving a venue after realising there no music was playing.
  • Improving staff morale- music can also positively affect your employees by reducing stress and boosting moods, making the workplace a much nicer place to work in as music can boost their mood and productivity, which in turn can improve customer service.
  • Creating your brand identity- the music you choose can reinforce your brand identity and help your business stand out from your competitors. It can help make your brand more memorable and create a stronger connection with your customers that can result in repeat visits and customer loyalty.

Show your support for artists:

  • Licencing fees help support your favourite artists, songwriters, producers and anyone who had involvement in creating the music. It ensures they are fairly compensated for their work and can continue to produce music we love. To read more on how it works, click
  • By obtaining a music licence, it acknowledges the respect for artists and shows understanding of the importance of contributing to our rich musical culture. We work to protect the value of music, and after all business costs, all of the licence fees collected flow back into the organisations to process.
  • Supporting artists mean supporting the music industry. The licencing fees you pay help sustain the broader music industry, including record labels, publishers and performing rights organisations. All of which are essential for the production and distribution of music.

Ensure you’re legally compliant

  • Playing copyrighted music without a music licence is illegal. Music is protected by copyright law and using it without an artist’s permission can result in legal action including fines and lawsuits.
  • By obtaining a music licence, it reflects the integratory and ethical standards of your business. It can demonstrate that your business accepts this legal obligation and assures artists should be rewarded correctly.
  • Transparency and accountability are important when obtaining your music licence, as we require you to be open and honest about your music usage, whether it be background music, karaoke, or live entertainment. Once we’re aware of your music usage we can ensure you’re correctly covered and paying the correct amount each year

Avoiding infringement

  • If you use music within your business without having a music licence, this constitutes as infringing, as you’re using copyrighted music without permissions from the artists or labels. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are properly licenced for any music taking place at your business or organisation.
  • A licence ensures you can play commercially legal music from the PPL PRS for Music repertoire and legitimises your use of music. By playing this music without a licence, it can have consequences such as lawsuits and fines as a result.
  • TheMusicLicence have Terms & Conditions that clearly outline the requirements we need to provide your business a music licence. We base your licence on the nature of your business, how you’re playing music, duration and more.
  • Finally, by avoiding infringement and complying with TheMusicLicence, the fees are distributed to the creators and rights holders of the music we know and love. The support from businesses’ licences support and sustain the music industry and encourages future creativity which benefits everyone involved.

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