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How music can benefit your business

As we head into the new year, you may be looking for new ways to spark your creativity and music could be the key. Local music licensing company PPL PRS talk about how music can benefit you and your small business, and get those creative juices flowing with your favourite tunes.

In between the excitement of the Euros, Freedom Day and not forgetting Brexit, it is hard to believe that another year is already almost at an end.

For many of us, this probably means the all-important Christmas preparations or remembering extra layers when venturing out in the colder temperatures. For others it may mean turning our attentions to the new year and making plans for the upcoming months ahead.

Whether it’s future holidays, finally getting to some of those rescheduled events or (slightly guiltily) deciding which home improvements can wait another year, it can often be refreshing to think about change and a new start, particularly at this time of the year.

Some of us may be thinking about the small things like finally getting around to starting back at the gym or cutting down to just one take-away a week, while others may be thinking about bigger changes, like the ones we might make to our professional lives, or kickstarting a brand-new career.

In fact, more and more people have actually used the events of recent months to their advantage to channel their talents into new, and sometimes unexpected, roles or to strive fiercely independently into starting up businesses of their own.

According to Companies House, there were 340,500 new businesses registered in the UK in the first half of 2021 alone, a rise of 32% compared to 2019.1


With start-ups now more popular than ever and small businesses with 10 employees or less currently making up around 95% of the UK’s private sector companies,2 there has possibly never been a better time for entrepreneurs and new business owners to embark on their new ventures.

Not only are people now thinking more carefully about where they spend their money with 70% of those surveyed by YouGov saying they will continue to shop locally to some extent after lockdown,3, but many people are choosing to favour businesses that are more unusual and unique from the rest.

Think about your favourite restaurant for example, and how you might enjoy the unique menu and array of choices, or perhaps there is a coffee shop nestled off the beaten track of the city which you love for its one-of-a-kind blends and delicious, sweet treats!

Businesses who offer something unusual or different are often much more appealing to visitors, which could be why 42% of consumers surveyed by YouGov said that they buy from small businesses because of the unique products or services. 4

Not only does this give businesses more choice when it comes to their service or offerings, but it also gives them more freedom to express their individuality and creative side, particularly when it comes to the environment and overall feel of their business.


From hair salons to accountancy firms or even micro-breweries, more and more start-up businesses are getting creative with their workspace and their atmosphere, especially now that there is even more emphasis on how we can all get the most out of the working environment.

This could be anything from re-thinking your desk area to help to ensure you remain comfortable and calm during admin jobs, or re-designing the layout of your floor to give your staff a designated breakout space to help them relax and recharge throughout the day.

It may even be choosing to play music or listening to the radio to help spark creativity, improve focus and help you to stay in-tune with any new thoughts and ideas.

A recent study released by Total Jobs found that 79% of people surveyed would benefit from listening to music at work5, whilst the BPI found that 78% of those surveyed said they felt more motivated after listening to music.6

Not only can music help to boost concentration and, in turn, improve our working ability but it can also help by creating a happier and more calming environment.

It can help to ease tension, make people feel more relaxed and help to prevent the feeling of burn- out, something that is particularly important when it comes to maintaining our levels of creativity and focus.


Just as we might choose to listen to the radio as we unwind in the evenings or enjoy listening to our favourite songs as we make our way through the morning traffic, listening to music at work can help us to feel more positive and energised.  It can help us feel able to achieve a deeper focus and channel our creative thoughts and new ideas.

Since music has the power to bring people together, it can often help to drive collaboration and creativity ideas. It can help to make people feel more confident, improve morale, and help to make people feel more engaged and involved.

So, whatever you are planning for the months ahead, music can help you make more of your mojo,  stay in-tune and start out at your best!





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