What music to play at Christmas


As each year passes, the festive season seems to arrive earlier and earlier. Whilst sitting in pub gardens in the late summer sunshine, hints of Christmas begin popping up inside encouraging us to book parties and arrange family get togethers.

A trip to the supermarket to pick up some steaks for the BBQ is now an obstacle course littered with tubs of chocolate, advent calendars and fairy lights!

Hit the right note this Christmas

Now, as anyone who has ever been in the Scouts knows, being prepared is key to any plan.

Whilst some of us may recoil in horror at seasonal goods being displayed long before we have even had the chance to carve our pumpkins, many shoppers do like to stock up in advance and take advantage of the many early discounts that retailers offer.

Plan Ahead

As a business owner, you can be prepared to strike the right chord this year by planning a balanced mix of in-store music. Music choices which not only reflect your brand and appeal to those early shoppers and last-minute-gifters alike, but that can also help your workforce to remain engaged throughout the season of goodwill!

When planning your Christmas music, it can be very tempting to press shuffle and let the likes of Mariah and Wham! do the rest. However, you could spend a little extra time this year and think about the ambience and tone you want to set within your business.

Would your customers enjoy browsing to some relaxing festive jazz perhaps? Maybe some big band seasonal music would encourage that extra consumer spend?

By planning ahead this year your business could benefit greatly. A recent survey conducted by eBay Ads UK found that 2,000 UK consumers start to think about Christmas shopping before the end of August 1. Consumers stocking up early this year could be due to several factors, not to mention the cost of living crisis, so spreading the cost over a longer period is potentially a more viable way people can ensure a ‘normal’ Christmas takes place this year.

Your brand image and service could also help dictate your music choices over this period. A vintage and retro style boutique could help shoppers get in the mood to browse a little longer by playing some 50s inspired rock and roll versions of their Christmas favourites. Serving up Italian coffee? Why not make your clientele feel swept away from the hustle and bustle of the high street with some beautiful festive opera?

Dare to be Different

Not every business is keen to have sleigh bells ringing throughout the festive season. You could intersperse your festive music with some non-seasonal tracks. Playing your normal music with every 3rd or 4th song giving a nod to halls decked with holly and frosty snowmen, could be the answer.

When thinking about the music you plan to play, you should not only consider your customers, but also your workforce. Constant repeats of the same Christmas themed music can cause your employees to become disengaged, so outside of business hours it could be beneficial to play non-seasonal music. Involve your team, ask for their feedback on the style of music they would prefer to listen to when setting up and closing for the day, some upbeat, feel good music could help to motivate your staff when energy is ebbing.

Playing music in your business at Christmas need not mean you have to stick to tradition. You could dare to be different and choose not to play any seasonal music at all; sticking to your regular choices.

Whatever music you choose to play this festive season, remember to make sure you are correctly licensed to play music to your customers and employees.

Contact us today to arrange TheMusicLicence for your business, and we will have you rocking around the Christmas tree in no time.


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