Turn it up for this year’s Euros

We share with you the results of our recent survey that show the most important factors consumers look for in a venue when watching football matches so you can kick off in style this summer with TheMusicLicence.

By showing UEFA European Football Championship 2024 matches in your venue this summer, it can create an electrifying atmosphere, drawing in crowds eager to join in with the camaraderie, and here in the UK, we certainly know how to celebrate a win (or loss) as we share the intense feeling of penalties with our friends over a pint in the sunshine.

On our recent survey* 70% of people said they’ll be watching the Euros this year, and to no surprise, 75% are supporting England with others supporting opposing teams such as Scotland, Germany, Spain and Italy. Not only are people looking forward to supporting their favoured team, 76% said they’ll be looking to watch multiple matches this summer.

When asked, ‘what is the most important to you when choosing a venue to watch the matches at?’, a staggering 85% said the atmosphere is key when selecting a venue to sit and watch the games at. Going to watch the game at a local pub or bar along with the right group of friends is just as important, as 57% state it’s all about the people you go with. Other important factors to picking the right venue include access to food and drink as well as promotional offers.

Creating the right atmosphere in your venue this summer for the Euros could include decoration, outdoor areas and large or multiple screens showing the games, as 25% said being able to watch the game comfortably is another factor they look for when finding the right place to settle down and watch the game. Not only could you host the matches in your venue by displaying the games for an easy watch, but you could also incorporate background music to help enhance the customer experience before and after the games.

Why not pull together a playlist of the best UK summer tunes to keep your customers feeling electric before and after matches?

The Euros are due to kick off on Friday 14th June and end Sunday 14th July, which means a full month of footy, totalling in 51 matches overall! If you’re a venue that is looking to show some or all the matches this year, it’s best to double check that you’re correctly licensed before hosting these events. As the games contain background music, anthems and other entertainment, showing them in public will require a music licence so that those who created the music are fairly rewarded for their work.

­If you’re looking to host these events and need a music licence, or you simply want to increase your usage to cover the matches, you can get a quote and fill in the form, or even call one of our team on 0800 015 5945 (8am-6pm, Monday-Friday).

* A survey commissioned by PPL PRS of 500 UK respondents by Attest in April 2024.



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