The World Reimagined

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and ensuring our colleagues from all backgrounds feel supported and valued, PPL PRS are proud to be working with The World Reimagined project which will arrive in Leicester this August.

Ten globes will be placed around the city to educate and bring to life the reality of racial injustice. We are excited that our sponsored globe will be created by Lakwena Maciver,  a London-based artist whose bright, bold and iconic style reflects our hope for complete diversity and inclusion in the workplace of the future.

From 5 August until 31 October, The World Reimagined will transform Leicester’s streets with a free art trail of 10 Globe sculptures – each designed by an individual artist who is responding to themes ranging from Mother Africa to Still We Rise and Expanding Soul

The trail takes place at the same time as trails in six other cities as The World Reimagined invites people across the UK to acknowledge this history and support the work of brilliant community activists and organisations. Supported by Leicester City Council, the globes will bring people, families and communities together to talk about how we understand our history; how our past shapes our future; and how we can act for social change.

The Globes have been created by artists from Leicester and across the UK, bringing the city to life with diverse experiences and creative styles. They include Jarvis Brookfield, Marcus Dove, ​​Hannaa Hamdache, Zita Holbourne, Laura-Kate Pontefract, Lakwena Maciver, Roy Meats, Richard Mark Rawlin, The Mighty Creatives.

A tenth Globe has been created by Zimbabwean-born visual artis Natasha Muluswela in collaboration with Leicester local communities. Schools have also got involved, with 10 small globes being featured on the trail created by schools who have taken part in The World Reimagined learning programme this term.

Connected by a digital platform that enables visitors to dive into a unique heritage collection, the trail will stretch across Leicester City. Visitors will be able to plan their days out in early August when the full trail details will be released.

The trails are part of a broader programme encouraging and supporting conversations around racial justice that are already taking place in Leicester. The World Reimagined last week announced the incredible individuals and organisations who have been awarded grants through its INSPIRE programme: African Heritage Alliance (AHA) & The Phoenix Agenda Supplementary School, The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre & Carry Come Bring – Leicester’s African Caribbean Archive, First Contact 2.0, Cant Blame Da Youth, Zion Books, Sensational Vibes Youth and Community Development Group.

Made possible by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the INSPIRE grants support these people and organisations to host their own events and activities so that trail visitors and communities can engage with the work of making racial justice a reality. The grants celebrate and honour the work that has been done in the city over decades for racial justice and hope to grow their network and support base for the future.

Lakwena Maciver, the artist who has designed the PPL PRS sponsored globe, spoke about the inspiration behind her creation: “My globe is about strength and resilience. I’m honouring the determination of generations before me who have come, stayed, grown roots, and shaped our shared culture in an often hostile context.

It’s an honour to be part of the very talented community of artists involved in this project who share this vision.”

PPL PRS Managing Director, Andrea Gray, commented: “We are excited to be working with the team at The World Reimagined as they bring this wonderful display of artwork, history and education to the city of Leicester.  Here at PPL PRS we are extremely proud of our inclusive culture and diverse workforce, having a Diversity and Inclusion Forum who are passionate about ensuring everyone from all backgrounds are represented within our business.

Taking part in The Word Reimagined project, with a globe created by the incredibly talented Lakwena Maciver, helps us to look forward to a future that is completely inclusive whilst also remembering the struggles of the past. We can’t wait to see all the globes in place in our wonderfully diverse city of Leicester.”

Other local organisations who are also keen to make a commitment to racial justice, the arts and education in Leicester include BID Leicester and Mighty Creatives joining UK-wide partner SKY (Official Presenting Partner) and supporters Bloomberg.

The trail will shine a bold new light on Leicester, along with an incredible programme of events for everyone of all ages, running from 5 August – 31 October. It will bring people together to exchange experiences, creativity, stories and ideas on some of the biggest questions for our future. The countdown is well underway and there is plenty going on for families throughout the summer months!

Join us as we reimagine the world – together.

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