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Grizzly's Male Hair Salon


Formed in 2017 by owner, Chris O’Sullivan, Grizzly’s are a full-service male hair salon inspired by his travels to Canada and the Rocky’s. With a highly skilled team of hair crafts-people across their two salons in Horsham and Billingshurst, Grizzly’s offer clients a contemporary hairdressing and grooming experience. Since launching, Grizzly’s have enjoyed both popularity and success – winning both the ‘Best Male Grooming Salon/Barbershop’ at the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2019 and ‘Best Salon Team 2018’ at the Sussex Salon Awards.
I wanted to create quite a relaxed atmosphere, somewhere that was a little more luxury than a standard barbershop.”
Chris O’Sullivan
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How does music help the Grizzly’s atmosphere?

Grizzly’s use music to enhance the atmosphere and create a welcoming environment. For Grizzly’s “music has a huge influence on the feel and the atmosphere of the salon on a day-to-day basis. It can really help the client feel relaxed. I think when you walk into a new barber shop, or a new salon, someone might feel slightly anxious.”
Music is one of those languages that can travel throughout the world and really help boost people’s morale. It can help start conversations, it can help people’s mental health and for us in here, it really helps us tick on a day-to-day basis”
Chris O’Sullivan
By carefully selecting the tracks they use and when they use them, Grizzly’s are able to use music to set the right tone and ensure the atmosphere remains enjoyable for all customers. “Depending on clientele and shop, we try to mix it up to suit. If someone is in here trying to have a relaxing shave, we probably want some chill out, trancey, really mellow music to create the correct atmosphere for them to just relax.” “A Saturday morning for instance could be quite young, young children with their father coming in so again, we would select music to suit that too. So yes, we do have varied music but to suit the clientele that are in at that particular time.”

How does music help the team?

Grizzly’s has a team of around 8 members of staff, all working in a busy and fast-paced environment so music can be important to keep them motivated and engaged. “It can help with team morale as well, playing the right music. Most people know most of the tracks we play, it’s quite chilled to be honest. We all have those guilty pleasures which kind of creep in too.”
We have to try and hit that middle ground where the music isn’t annoying, everyone can relate to it, but it is not overbearing as well. We do keep it varied and something that is recognisable.”
Chris O’Sullivan

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