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From long weekend spa breaks to express trips to the salon, or even just an afternoon tea with friends, health and beauty is important all year around and of course, summer is no exception.

Think the latest nail trends, for example, the best summer skin care routines and of course, achieving that ultimate summer glow.

Helping to make your clients feel relaxed and uplifted in the coming months ahead is as much about ensuring you offer the best services and newest products, as it is about making them feel good, increasing their positivity and helping to boost their health and wellbeing overall. 

Leave a lasting impression

As a salon or spa owner, you have probably already thought about creating the best experience for your clients this summer and ensuring they receive a service that leaves them feeling positive and uplifted.

This could be anything from offering slightly longer sessions, for example, that give your customers the chance to really relax and unwind, opening for longer hours to allow busy customers to continue to attend appointments, or playing music to help to soothe the mind and create the ultimate relaxed atmosphere.

Turn your low lights into highlights

Recent research from the BPI found that 73% of respondents felt more able to manage their stress and anxiety levels after listening to music, while 62% said it made them feel better about themselves and more confident generally. 1

Playing music in your salon or spa could help to boost your clients’ mood, ease away stresses and help to create a space that they enjoy.  It could give businesses a more uplifting feel, create a space that feels more vibrant and help to ensure the atmosphere remains both fresh and engaging.

Just think about how you might sing along to the latest hits to motivate yourself for a long day ahead, or how you might listen to your favourite radio station to help you unwind into the evening. Playing music can help to create the right mood, make people feel more relaxed and could help create a more positive and appealing space.

Don’t give the silent treatment

One of the main ways your staff and your customers connect is through conversation, something which is becoming increasingly important when considering our mental health and wellbeing. Playing music could help to encourage interactions, bring people together and could help to enhance the experience overall.

According to our survey, 88% of salons agreed that music lifts the mood and creates a more welcoming atmosphere. 2  Playing music to your clients, whether this is in waiting areas or treatment rooms, could help to enhance the environment, create a more peaceful space, and could give businesses a more relaxed and familiar feel.

Employee wellbeing

When it comes to your staff, listening to music at work could provide an added burst of energy throughout the day, and help to improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks.  For employees who are getting used to it getting busier again after a quieter period, playing music could help to ease the stress and create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  

So, as you prepare for the summer ahead, stay in harmony with the wellbeing of your customers and staff and consider how using music can help you to discover your flow in the coming months ahead. 


  2. *Research performed by PPL PRS in relation to TheMusicLicence, February – March 2020. Figures based on a group of 73 participants.



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