Going out is the new staying in

People have a preference

It may not be immediately apparent, between early morning alarms and endless late-night finishes, but chances are your day-to-day routine is actually pretty varied.

Be this the different staff that you work alongside on each shift, to the new faces you serve throughout the day, or even the latest menu choices you are considering trying out.

As a pub owner or a manager, business can often be all about variety, and giving your customers something new to enjoy.  But, it can also be about keeping things simple and ensuring you offer customers all those things they know and love.


This could be anything from ensuring you are well stocked up on favourite drinks for the regulars ahead of the weekend for example, continuing to serve up favourite menu classics, to opening up your beer garden again for the busy summer ahead.

Look on the brightside from the outside

According to research by the Metro, a trip to a sunny beer garden was within the top 3 activities that people would no longer take for granted after lockdown, something that ranked higher than wating for a plane at an airport or queuing for their favourite lunch takeaway.1

For some, the lure of a beer garden or outdoor seating space may be all about the community element it can bring, or about relaxing and enjoying some down time with the family.

For others, it could just be about using any excuse possible to don their favourite pair of shorts and savour ever single moment of the Great British summer!


Whatever the reason, opening up your outdoor space could be just what your customers are looking for this summer, particularly if it is utilised it to its best ability to create an environment that is both attractive and engaging.

Think about the appeal of serving up an array of ice-cold drinks on a hot summer day, as visitors enjoy the sights and sounds of major sports tournaments on the outdoor screen, for example, or creating an outdoor bar area to give a more intimate and relaxed feel at private events. 

Maybe you want to play music or host events to help enhance the atmosphere and create a more engaging space.

According to research conducted by Perspectus Global, 1 in 5 people admit to leaving a pub after realising no songs were playing, with many also agreeing that the experience isn’t as much fun without background music.2


Time to turn it up!

Playing music can help to boost the mood, create a more welcoming atmosphere and make any event or special occasion even more memorable. It can give businesses a sense of familiarity, make people feel more relaxed and help to create an environment that people enjoy.

When thinking about how to attract customers to your business this summer, especially to your outdoor space, using live music or DJ sets can help to give your business a unique feel and help to draw customers in. It can make the space feel more engaging, give people a reason to go out, and may be why they choose your business over others.

When it comes to your staff, listening to music at work could provide an added burst of energy throughout the day, and help to improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks.  For employees who are getting used to it getting busier again after a quieter period, playing music could help to ease the stress and help to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  

So, as you prepare for the summer ahead, use music to help you ensure your beer garden or outdoor space stays in with your customers.


  1. https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/22/these-are-the-little-things-we-miss-the-most-after-a-year-of-lockdown-14282453/
  2. A survey of 2,101 UK respondents by Perspectus Global in September 2021.



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