Pubs & Bars Music Licence

Music in pubs, bars & nightclubs is an essential part of the entertainment experience.

Whether you’re hosting live performances & DJs, using music segments in your quiz or playing background music via audio devices and TVs, you’ll usually need a music licence.

By obtaining TheMusicLicence you’ll be able to play PRS for Music and PPL music legally and enjoy its benefits whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work.


The power of background music

Whether you’re playing background music via audio devices, jukeboxes and TVs, background music in your pub or bar has the potential to enhance the experience and create an atmosphere that your customers and staff enjoy. Your background music choices can create that ‘feel good’ mood and encourage customers to stay, and return!

Turn a bar into a dance floor and find out more about the power of background music for pubs and bars…

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How is my music licence cost calculated?

Play background music at your pub or bar from just 92p* per day!

The cost of TheMusicLicence for pubs & bars varies depending on the specific characteristics of each business, so please contact us for a quote.

Before doing so, please ensure you’ve read our Quote Checklist for each section that is applicable to you and have the relevant information ready so we can provide an accurate quote for your pub or bar music licence.

With TheMusicLicence, playing music via the TV or radio in your pub or bar could cost you as little as 92p per day* Cost example spread across 365 days based on a  premises is which 400 sqm. Your combined yearly pub and bar music licence could cost around £336.99 (excluding VAT).

Music Licence for a Bar

Quote Checklist

Background music

  •   The areas where music is used, such as in a café, bar or staff office areas
  •   The square meterage of each area where music is audible
  •   Type of devices used to play music, such as TV, radio, CDs etc.

Live events

  •   Number and capacity of live events held p.a.

Specially featured entertainment events

  •   Number, capacity, duration & attendance of specially featured events p.a.
  •   Number of karaoke sessions


  •   Number and type of jukeboxes in your venue (and name of supplier if rented)

Music Videos

  •   Number of TV screens music videos are played on

Get a quote

If you’ve got all your information ready, please contact us or complete our Get TheMusicLicence form to arrange a quote.

Call us on 0116 290 0525

(8am-6pm, Monday-Friday)

Ready to play music?

Set up a new music licence for your pub or bar.

Get TheMusicLicence

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    Thinking about playing music in your pub, bar or nightclub and want to know more?

    What is TheMusicLicence?

    What is TheMusicLicence

    TheMusicLicenceallows you to legally play music for employees or customers in your business through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances.
    Learn more

    Do I need a music licence?

    Do I need a music licence?

    If you use, play or perform music in your business or organisation, the chances are you need a music licence.
    Learn more

    Where does my money go?

    Where does my money go?

    After our business costs, music licence fees are distributed to all those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music.
    Learn more

    **An office with 4 or fewer workers could play music for £104.82 providing the music is not audible to customers or other visitors to the premises.

    How do I get TheMusicLicence?

    Call us on
    0116 290 0525

    (8am-6pm, Monday-Friday)

    Alternatively you can complete the online form and an adviser will be in touch.