Creating a great customer experience with tips from the New World Trading Company

Whether you’re starting up, looking to step up, or anything in between, your business just wouldn’t be the same without your customers. So, isn’t it only right to offer them the best experience?

A great experience can improve the mood, encourage customers to stay longer and potentially spend more as a result.

But a great experience doesn’t just happen. It takes careful consideration of your customers’ senses and surroundings and how they can be used to make the atmosphere more upbeat and enjoyable – and music can help with this.

How to use music to create a great customer experience

Music can be a useful tool for improving customer experience by not only helping to lift the mood and create a more welcoming space, but by motivating and engaging staff too – especially if the music used suits your branding and clientele.

We teamed up with Liam Wood of New World Trading Company, an award-winning hospitality group, who spoke to the business guidance platform, Donut, in their Start Your Own Business podcast to find out more about the importance of great customer experience and the important role music plays within this. 

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It creates such a picture it’s quite emotive, people’s response to music a lot of the time, and you can use it to really underpin and sort of tell a story behind your brand or what you do”
– Liam Wood, Head of Learning and Development, New World Trading Company

Benefits of playing music

Improve the atmosphere

We all know awkward silences are best to be avoided. Music can help to set the tone, create a welcoming atmosphere and make people feel more relaxed and at ease.

Help you to stand out

In business, it’s important to be recognised – and music can help with this. Using music can make you stand out and help to create a more uplifting environment.

Improve your messaging

Music can be used for more than just background sounds, making it a useful tool to improve your messaging. You could consider using music at themed evenings or special events.
Remember the subtle power, sometimes not even subtle power, that all the senses will have on your consumer decisions and your customers, so particularly music, that’s one of the most powerful ones.”
– Liam Wood, Head of Learning and Development, New World Trading Company

Here are just a few tips for how music can benefit your business, to find out more watch our full New World Trading Company success story.



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