Is your venue Olympic standard?

With an estimated average of 1.5 billion viewers expected to watch the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony, how can you and your venue be a part of the games this year?

The upcoming 2024 Olympics will run from July 24th to August 11th in Paris, France, with the opening ceremony taking place on Friday 26th July. The games are set to be spectacular, promising a range of exceptional athletic performances from around the world. The first sports set to grip the public include football, handball, and archery, and it is guaranteed to be a tense couple of weeks for all that are competing, while nations hope for some wins! Transform your venue into a vibrant hub for Olympic enthusiasm this summer and put your business on the winning team…

There are 329 medal events spanning over 32 different sports this year, and the games will see athletes competing at the highest level, each of which will be fighting for a place on the podium. The women’s basketball will be rounding out the end of the medal events on August 11th.

There is due to be an estimated average of 1.5 billion viewers tuning in to watch the opening ceremony, which is predicted to be the largest in Olympic history, creating a perfect opportunity to increase footfall in sports bars, pubs, and many more. For the very first time, the opening ceremony is not to be held in a stadium. This year, it will be taking place on the Seine River, where over 10,000 athletes will travel 6km in 94 boats kitted out with cameras so viewers can see the competitors up close.

The Olympics will be broadcast live on various platforms, and some radio stations will also be offering live coverage of the events. Some venues are looking to host watch parties this summer, to drive in business, boost the atmosphere and keep customers engaged in the games. Team GB has confirmed it would host free-to-enter fan zones across the UK from the opening ceremony on July 26th to the closing on 11 August. These zones will feature big screens showing the sporting action, activities, on-stage entertainment, and DJ sets. 

Live music performances or background music in your venue could attract even more customers and keep them engaged while enjoying one of the most watched sporting events worldwide.

If you are looking to screen the Olympics in your business and get involved in the action, it is important to ensure you are correctly licensed. As music is played before, during, and after the games, you will require TheMusicLicence (as well as a TV licence) to show it in your venue. 

If you’re looking to host events and need TheMusicLicence, or you simply want to increase your usage to cover the Olympics, simply fill in our online form to get a quote or call one of our team on 0800 015 5945 for more information (8am-6pm, Monday-Friday).


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