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I need a licence or permit for an event?


New customers

If you don’t currently have TheMusicLicence for your business or organisation, but are planning an event that includes the playing or performing of music in public, we can arrange for a temporary permit to cover the music usage at the event.

Please contact us to arrange a temporary permit for your event.

(8am–6pm, Monday–Friday)

Existing customers

If you already have TheMusicLicence for your business or organisation and need to include an event on your music usage, we can amend your music usage in your existing licence to ensure you are legally covered for the music at your event.

Please contact us to amend your music usage.

(8am–6pm, Monday–Friday)

Charity & Community Events

Charity and community organisations may apply for a discount against the standard royalty made for events or featured music sessions in certain circumstances.

Before you apply for Charity and Community Discount, please make sure that you have read the qualification criteria for a possible discount.

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