Charity Event Music Licence

From transforming a hall into a concert or a field into a festival, music is a great way of bringing people together to raise money for worthy causes.

We want music to be accessible to all, which is why we offer charity and community groups the opportunity to apply for a discount on the cost of a music licence.

By obtaining TheMusicLicence you’ll be able to play PRS for Music and PPL music legally and enjoy its benefits whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work.


Charity & Community Discount

Charity and community organisations may apply for a discount against the standard royalty made for events or featured music sessions, in return for advertising of PPL PRS Ltd support at the event. The level of discount applied to your event will be determined by PPL PRS Ltd.

For further details you can find our Charity and Community Events Discount Policy below:

Charity & Community Events Discount Policy

Applications will be considered on the following basis:

All proceeds from the event must go to registered charities or named community groups.

In addition, the applicable tariff must not already take account of the voluntary or charitable status of the licensee (we will determine this and advise you accordingly). And at least two of the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The event makes no charge for admission
  • The charitable purpose is a significant element of the advertising for the event
  • The event is principally organised by unpaid volunteers

In addition, please note the following conditions:

  • Customers who wish to apply must complete the application form in full, and PPL PRS Ltd must receive the form at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • PPL PRS Ltd will review all applications and advise whether any discount will be granted to the customer. Completion of the form does not guarantee that any discount will be awarded.
  • The discount is intended mainly for small charities and small community events to which a PPL PRS Ltd licence fee may present a barrier to running an event. However, discounts under this policy may be considered for any charity or community event.
  • A discount will normally only be granted where music use is essential or integral to the charity/community event. A discount will only be granted for background music in exceptional circumstances.
  • The discount will not apply if the customer does not meet the standard payment terms of the licence.
  • We reserve the right to change or remove this policy at any time without notice.

Note: the discount cannot be applied to events in or covered by charges for:

  • Community Buildings
  • Not for Profit Member’s Clubs
  • Nurseries, Crèches, Play Groups, and Pre Schools
  • Universities
  • Youth Clubs and Hostels
  • Performances/presentations at Theatres
  • Variety shows
  • Classical music events licensed under PRS for Music tariff LC
  • Popular music events licensed under PRS for Music tariffs LP (where the is a charge for admission)
  • Events covered by licences administered by CEFM or CCLI

A discount will not normally be granted to Key Account or Local Authority customers.

Charity & Community Discount Form

If you would like to apply for the discount, please complete our Charity and Community Discount Form and we will be in touch.

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How do I get TheMusicLicence?

Call us on 0116 290 0525

(8am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm Friday)

Alternatively you can complete the online form and an adviser will be in touch.